King Nasir Creates the Hybrid Path in the Music Industry

It’s the best of both worlds for King Nasir.

With everything constantly changing each year in music, there has been a shift like never before in the last five to six years. Musicians are now investing in multiple career paths, yet still finding success. King Nasir adds this group as he is currently running his own business while pursuing a music career at the same time.

King Nasir is an artist from New York who has always had a love for music. As a teen, he would freestyle and create his own songs. However, he never decided to take it too seriously. After these years went by, King Nasir began forming his business around the music and entertainment industry. This would later set the pillars for his artistic journey.

Now in 2020, King Nasir has just released a quality debut song called “Viral.” This release shocked King Nasir’s new fan base because they weren’t expecting something of this tier from a brand-new artist. Wasting no time, King Nasir released “Fade” a few days later, which really put his debut to the music industry on a roll. Reaching thousands of streams in the first few days was all King Nasir needed to see to understand he had something special than most.

With the recent success, it would be easy for the rapper to solely commit to music and drop his current business ventures. King Nasir has decided, however, to keep his place in the entertainment industry. With all the connections, King Nasir’s entertainment ties are partly to thank for his recent wins. Meeting promoters, DJs, and producers, he has been able to assemble the tools needed and execute them on his music.

Bringing quick success is a very difficult thing to do today, but that is exactly what King Nasir has cultivated and produced. With his new model of having multiple careers, he is showing artists that it’s possible to use one career to help the other. Once perfected as an artist, he will be able to garner a more successful path, all thanks to his hard work and dedication.

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