King Of Bhangra In Dubai – Hardeep Singh AKA Hardy Singh.

Hardeep Singh

The traditional Punjabi dance form Bhangra is massively popular around the world. It showcases the rich and prosperous culture of Punjabis. Harshdeep Singh AKA Hardy Singh is one of those most special and important people who has spread and promoted the culture of Bhangra around the world.

Not only has he performed the Bhangra as an artist around the world but has also taught and mentor countless people in this dance form. His association and devotion to tjis art is such that he is also called Mr. Bhangra.

When it comes to Bhangra and it’s popularity. Hardeep Singh, Mr. Bhangra himself is amongst the prominent personalities who should be given credit for nurturing and promoting this art throughout the globe. Hardy Singh runs an international Bhangra group which is based on Dubai. This group performs the traditional bhangra on the top platforms and festivals around the world and also trains people in the dance form.

The group is one of the most famous and respected traditional dance groups of the world. Over the years Hardeep has shared stages with many big celebrities like Gippy Grewal, Diljit Dosanjh and Sharry Mann etc. Not only that but he has also featured in songs like “Mascarey Wali Akh and Beautiful – Shivjot”, “Punjabi Anthem – Nirmal Sidhu” and many more including international brands promos. Due to his legendary status and popularity and knowledge in the craft he has also judged Bhangra competition in Malaysia and Dubai.

Hardeep Singh or Hardy Singh is the one name which will always be relevant whenever we will talk about Bhangra. His work and passion for the artform and his culture has made him a superstar around the world.

He was listed in top 100 influential and powerful Sikhs under 30. Also he is the brand ambassador and model of Sikh Expo apparel brand in the United States. With his sheer hard work and dedication over the years Hardeep Singh has proved himself to be the king of Bhangra and no one can deny it.

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