King Wizard: Influencing the Sound of 2021

King Wizard

It’s been a busy start to the year for hot producer and sample maker King Wizard. Since the start of the year, alongside Oliver ‘Big Papa’ Harvey, their Underdog team have been hoovering up cut after cut, with a plethora of major releases scheduled for 2021.

This massive run of success kicked off at the end of 2020 when Lil Uzi Vert played the King Wizard, Akachi and Supah Mario produced ‘Moma Said’ in his infamous Instagram Live. The record immediately connected with Uzi’s army of fans, with many eagerly anticipating the release. It’s quite a departure from Uzi’s typical futuristic synth heavy sound, and has already made huge waves within the hip-hop world.

The epic brass sound on that record was devised by Wizard from an Airbnb in Manchester in the UK – but it’s impact has spread far beyond Britain, sparking a massive trend among the hip-hop production community, with brass beat after epic brass beat filling the inboxes of major artists across the US and beyond.

Wizards epic brass revolution is beginning to influence the charts already, but this trend is set to really hit the mainstream within the next few months. Leading the charge with his series of ‘Epic Cuts’ sample packs, many of the biggest streaming artists in the world have been hopping on King Wizard’s epic brass infused production. The combination of live tracked trumpet, infectious melodies, with additional live instruments and soaring searing synths has proved irresistible to major artists and producers alike.

The defining sound of 2020 hip-hop was guitar and 808 heavy beats – and Wizard is certainly no stranger to that sound either. His soulful guitar lead production on new Money Man single For You (produced alongside Rocktee and 808plugbeats) shows that guitars will not be leaving the chart any time soon. Moneyman has been spotted on his Instagram story shooting a video for For You – fans are excited for the release, which is set to proceed Moneyman’s highly anticipated next tape.

Recent snippets with Epic Record’s Raw Youngin (produced alongside 808 Mafia’s Venzo) and Taylor Gang’s Chevy Woods (produced with recent Underdog Music signing Whitlock Beats) further showcase Wizards epic brass sound. Clips of both can be seen on King Wizard’s Instagram page, @iamkingwizard

But many of the most exciting upcoming King Wizard produced releases remain firmly behind closed doors for now. We are reliably informed that Wizard has been working with some of the  biggest names in the music industry since his Uzi cut – including the likes of Dababy, Drake and Polo G. We are equal parts excited and intrigued to hear how these titanic artists will marry up with Wizards trademark live-instrument tinged sound.

Wizard hasn’t become big headed through all this torrent of success – quite the opposite. Despite being regularly called a genius by both press and colleagues, and his clearly outrageous creative and instrumental talent, humbleness takes center stage in Wizards’ attitude. As he said in a recent Instagram post: ‘The more cuts I get the more humble I become, and the more humble I become the more cuts I get’. Wise words indeed. This attitude or hard work and dedication as opposed to ego is sure to pay off, as the industry begins to sit up and take notice of Wizard’s ever growing influence on the direction of the sound of hip-hop.

Other upcoming releases include a heart wrenching RnB ballad with Marmaroso, a talented vocalist with over 200 million streams to his name in 2020, co-producerd with Jayko. The uplifting yet introspective piano work shows yet another emotional side to Wizards extraordinary musical depth and versatility, with anthemic vocal chops perfectly complimenting Marmaroso’s heartfelt lyrics.

2021 has already been an epic year for King Wizard – and it seems his epic sound is only set to grow more popular as the year goes on.Wizard’s output has already been prolific so far this year – and it shows no signs of slowing down, with pack after pack leaving Wizard’s Underdog Music headquarters, alongside ever present manager and dot connector Big Papa.  There are plenty more big records in store for King Wizard this year.

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