KIO DJ- The new Hip Hop Gig

Hip Hop is one genre that imbibes a lot of music that means that resonates with that. People love talents in music that signify something that means to them and KIO DJ is one of them.

Diego Bolivar, also known as the famous KIO DJ is known for the music that he creates and the world that he signifies with it. He has been able to crafts beats that you can hear in the streets and homes of Columbia and South America. Being an artist, it is all about passion and somehow that’s what is keeping the Columbian DJ going with his music.

The Journey for KIO DJ so far:

They say that an artist needs to know how to face his ups and downs. KIO DJ is not new to it. In the late 2000’s, KIO DJ lost his position in the market and slowly started to fade away in the music industries. The only thing that kept KIO DJ company were disappointments, poorly-paid gigs, debt and impending bills that need to be paid.

But KIO DJ, knowing that his music has always got a spot kept pushing and one fine day made a break into his growth trajectory, with a famous Latino club letting him to play some music. From there it was all full-on speed to compete with openings and great parties to make sure to reclaim his spot.

KIO DJ’s new release: MONEY (I’m Winning)  

Today KIO DJ is world-wide famous for his music and now he stands with the release of his new song, MONEY (I’m winning). There are a lot of things that the KIO DJ has been through and this song is an embodiment to what it means to overcome it. There are a lot of things that this song is, but with grooving beats, sick bass and deep meant lyrics, MONEY is doing a lot of raking in terms of listening and downloads.

The fans of the DJ love the way he represents his music, that has got something to mean with every aspect of his life. In the latest track, Kio stresses on the fact that he wants everyone to believe in them no matter what. Every lyric that he has in MONEY (I’m winning) is all about believing in oneself no matter what others have to say about it.

KIO DJ had raked all the accolades and respect for the true meaning behind his songs and MONEY is all about that. MONEY is a song that is on loop with his fans and the best part is most of his fans agree that they resonate with what the song is all about. KIO DJ is on the road to making it very big in Hip Hop and MONEY (I’m Winning) is his one-stamp ticket to that.

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