Kishmel Eagar Speaks About His Successful Career In Social Media Marketing and Digital real Estate, Explains How He Tackles Competition

Ever since the arrival of the digital era, many brands and business entities have started relying heavily on social media. Online marketing has become an essential tool for every business in this dynamic world. While there are many experts in this field, but there’s an exception who has changed the facet of online branding and marketing in recent years. Kishmel Eagar is an online marketer and an entrepreneur who founded Entry Points Media, a leading marketing agency. With having helped many B2B and B2C businesses in the past, his company is dedicated to building entrepreneurs and businesses over the digital domain.

It was in 2018 he decided to venture into online marketing and since then, he has changed the dynamics of the digital world. Besides entrepreneurs, many e-commerce brands and influencers have been benefitted in terms of social media growth and digital presence. He says, “Growing an Instagram account is not just about the numbers and amount of followers, it’s about building a brand, community and loyal following that you can ultimately monetize.” Focusing more on quality content, Kishmel also holds great expertise in influencer marketing. Moreover, his company strives for customer experience above everything.

Dealing With Competition

Kishmel says that he does not actually get overshadowed by his contemporaries in the market. Over the last few years, by providing the best marketing services, this young man is competing only with himself. According to him, he never competes with his competitors. Instead, he believes to dominate his niche and the business. Ideate, Improvise and Innovate are the three I’s that I truly stand by. It has helped me be consistent in the race.

Importance Of Building A Strong Instagram Presence

In today’s time, many brands and businesses have shifted their focus on social media. Instagram, in particular, has given tremendous exposure to these brands. Eagar understands Instagram algorithm like no other and he has laid emphasis on identifying the target audience before going on to build a strong online presence. “With the right kind of content, the audience will get diverted to the page automatically which will eventually help the Instagram page to be monetized”, he added.

Kishmel’s Venture Into The Digital Real Estate Business

His venture into “Digital Real Estate” was a remarkable move and he has acquired unique and rare Instagram accounts and usernames like his personal account ‘@establishing’.

“A unique name is always important for businesses and brands looking to start a new venture and acquiring these types of digital real estate names paves a certain way for high ticket sales in any industry”, he quoted. His future goal is to establish more brands and develop more networks across different business sectors.

Advice for the youth

Kishmel Eagar says that one must have a plan, be focused and have discipline. “You need to just start that idea or plan you have got because things will not happen by itself. The hardest part is to get started and it might be discouraging as there is a lot of work, in the beginning, right from setting everything up, learning and processing everything. But once you start and understand your business inside out, it becomes easier to chase your goal”, said Eagar.

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