Kittenish, Fawn Design & Gal Media Group Bring Together Influencers and Celebrities to Celebrate Women in Nashville.

Kittenish, Fawn Design, and Gal Media took inspiration from the most romantic holiday of the year for their flawless “Be My Gal” event. Hosted at the Mockingbird in Nashville, Tennessee, influencers and celebrities celebrated alongside the three brands in an environment full of love and support. Cocktails were served and glasses were raised in honor of women all over the world.

Kittenish, a boutique with locations in Nashville, Dallas and Tampa, founded by Jessie James Decker hosted the event in partnership with luxury bag company, Fawn Design and Public Relation Entrepreneur, Jennifer Jadenof Gal Media Group. The three businesses share a commonality as they are all founded by women and are quickly rising to dominate their industries. Leading by example, each one seeks to empower women around them to chase the life of their dreams. They call the shots in their own lives and want to inspire and encourage other women to do the same.

The space hosted pop-ups featuring products from Kittenish and Fawn Design for guests to browse. Kittenish promoted their pre-spring launch and Fawn displayed their new fawnypack bags. Bouquets and Persnickety Box App Prints dotted the room with splashes of vibrant pink in every corner. A flower wall decorated the space with a perfect spot for photo moments. Needless to say, no detail was left unnoticed. Custom cocktails curated by each brand were available for guests to sip on all night, accompanied by appetizers and other sweet treats.

“I love when we can celebrate women and bring people together. I feel so fortunate to be able to do this with my team and travel globally to create experiences for brands, people and launches. This two day event was such a success and I’m so grateful to work with Kittenish, Fawn & The Gal Media Team.” — Jennifer Jaden, CEO at Gal Media Group