Know About Jobanjit Singh, An Award-Winning Digital Marketer

Jobanjit Singh, a brilliant personality with out-of-box thinking who became a successful entrepreneur and an award-winning Digital Marketer. Hailing from a town named tarn taran sahib in Punjab, this young man brought a revolution in the digital marketing industry. Always curious to learn new skills and gather more and more knowledge, Jobanjit has set up an example for the young ones who are on their way to starting a new journey in the digital marketing industry.

We all know how digital marketing has entirely rewritten the strategies of businesses around the world and how significant it has become. There is no doubt that digital marketing is a growing field as the number of internet users increases every day. Becoming digital marketing is not a piece of cake and not everyone can handle this, only a few who are mastered in the field of digital marketing can give you extraordinary outputs and Jobanjit Singh is one of such experts who have already worked with a lot of brands and well-known influencers and gave them profitable results.

Jobanjit is also the face behind the leading digital marketing company in Asia named “Digital Kings”. Jobanjit formed “Digital Kings” to help potential customers from all over the world in reaching out to more people. Jobanjit with his extraordinary marketing skills and strategies helped various Bollywood celebrities, Hollywood celebrities, and well-known Singers in maintaining their social presence. He embarked on his journey to success when he was just 16 years old and now every young entrepreneur and digital marketer follows him for motivation and awesome ideas.

Jobanjit Singh with his hustle and hard work made his identity in the digital marketing industry and with his continuous efforts and unbelievable achievements, he also won the “Leaders in Digital Marketing Awards” in 2017 which was organized by IAMAI and Moneycontrol. When he reached the stage to take his award, everyone cheered for him and that minute can’t be expressed in terms.

Jobanjit’s words on winning the “Leaders in Digital Marketing Awards”:

When Jobanjit was asked about his view on winning one of the top digital marketing awards of the decade, he said that I never assumed that I would win this award. I always followed my passion and worked hard to achieve my dreams without thinking about any awards or any other thing. I knew from the beginning that if I want to achieve everything that I have dreamed of then I will have to work hard and hustle every day.

Winning such an honorable award in the field of Digital Marketing is also not less than a dream for many young digital marketers. Jobanjit established an example for such enthusiasts who want to build their career in the digital marketing industry. Even after winning such a reputed honor, Jobanjit never stopped hustling and he is still working on and exploring new skills. With this personality, he is also looking forward to opening a new office for “Digital Kings” in Canada with existing offices in India and Dubai.

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