Know How Vaping Can Help You Quit Smoking During COVID 19 Lockdown?

In a typical lockdown condition, the temptation for smoking reaches sky high and a smoker can hardly do anything about it. In this COVID 19 pandemic, we have seen how people are complaining about stress and anxiety and also how it has resulted in an increased dependency on smoking.

One can’t beat an addiction like smoking by going cold turkey as it is a herculean task to get it done. The sole reason being withdrawal symptoms that makes an individual fall back to smoking again and again.

So, we might need an alternative that helps an individual to quit smoking fast, while giving him the same sensation of electronic cigarettes. Yes, we are talking about vaping.

Though it might seem counter-intuitive, vaping is actually a great transition for smokers who want to escape from this addiction. It is a less harmful alternative to cigarettes that can effectively manage nicotine cravings as well as withdrawal symptoms.

So before discussing everything about vaping, we have to see why smoking is a harmful addiction and what devastation it can cause to a human body. If you can understand the ill effects of this addiction, you will be able to drop it quickly.

How Cigarettes Can Wreck a Human Body?

Tobacco, as you all know, is the chief constituent of a traditional cigarette. This is a substance that consists of over 3000 carcinogenic chemicals that can harm almost every organ of the human body. Moreover, the mortality rate caused by smoking is three times higher for both men and women, than similar individuals who have never smoked. 

Not to forget, secondhand smoke also holds serious health consequences, though not as grievous as direct smoke. But, it can still cause great damage to the human body when you are exposed to it for a very long time. 

Smoking Cigarettes vs Vaping E-Liquids

Though vaping does contain nicotine, it does not involve tobacco like cigarettes, which can wreak havoc to the human body. The vaping e-liquids used in an e-cigarette are entirely different from the stuff which the standard cigarette is made of. 

Consider this, there are 4000 toxic chemicals in cigarettes, which is 4 decimal places. Note that some of these chemicals are cancer-inducing also. Also, these chemicals have the potential to damage almost every organ in the human body. 

Now compare this to e-liquids which have only 4 basic ingredients, viz. Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol(PG), Flavoring and Nicotine. Not only are they tobacco-free, but also avoid dangerous carcinogenic chemicals. So, one can be certain that vaping is substantially a less harmful way of getting your nicotine fix.  

How Vaping Helps You Quit Smoking?

A study was conducted, based on data from over 8000 adults which revealed something very interesting. It found that cigarette smokers who start vaping are 77% more likely to stop smoking. Another finding is that people who vape every day have higher chances of shunning cigarettes behind. 

Vaping, as compared to smoking, gives a lot more diversity as you can choose a lot of e-liquid flavours. Besides, vaping devices are compact, ergonomic, and more pocket-friendly than cigarettes, which significantly adds to your convenience. 

Another good aspect of vaping is that the vapor it produces is just for the namesake. It doesn’t smell like cigarette smoke and has zero effects as compared to the secondhand smoke that cigarette produces. Moreover, with vaping, you also have the ability to tweak the nicotine levels so that you can slowly come out of your nicotine addiction. 

So, you have seen that the facts and figures surrounding vaping are quite encouraging. So, one should note that vaping does hold the potential to pull a lot of people out of cigarette addiction. 

Final Say

Globally, smoking is among the primary causes of preventable deaths. With Coronavirus bringing nationwide lockdowns, it has become extremely difficult for smokers who are looking to quit this addiction. This is where an alternative like vaping proves extremely helpful for those who are relapsing quite often. It facilitates the transition from smoking to non-smoking, without forcing the individual to give up on nicotine altogether. 

Last but not the least, vaping is a less harmful option as it does not contain toxic chemicals like in a cigarette. It offers the user a wide range of flavors, comfortability in terms of design, flexibility with nicotine levels and doesn’t release smoke with the smell. If you are looking for the most effective smoking cessation method, choose none other than vaping.  

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