Know It All From The Leading Entrepreneur: Mohd Zaki

Entrepreneurs are pretty hard to find these days in the world, especially good entrepreneurs who don’t just want to mess around with business organisations and corporate world. The corporate world is so full of sharks and there are people all around where trying to exploit someone or the other.

In this world full of entrepreneurs who are of no value, we present you Mohd Zaki, an individual who is not only capable of keeping track of his entrepreneurship skills but also practising them in order to improve their society and make this economy a better place.

Mohd Zaki hails from Delhi and is currently completing his B.Tech in second year. According to him, it was important to be educational evoke because he realises how important education is in every step of life.

Even in order to become an entrepreneur, he had to research on the commercial field Commerce study economics and also study the economical structure of India as a whole. Although it was overburdening, being economically as well as academically work is something that he has always strived for.

“There are people out there in this very moment who are in need of your story, your experience, your voice, your energy, that one work of art or book or course or anything else that only you can create. You owe it to both yourself and the universe to show up as your most authentic self, to serve the world with your truth, your magic, your potential,” he says.

Zaki continues “it is your legacy. Make it something you’ll be proud of at the end of it all. This is the reason why I want to share all my positive values and experiences as I was working hard to become not just an independent entrepreneur, but also a perfect role model for other people to follow.” .m

True to his nature, it is indeed true that he simply does not belong to the category of entrepreneurs. It is his job to successfully contribute to the establishment of other organisations, helping out individuals or companies to formulate perfect strategies. Investing in only the best kind of companies, he is known to be a top notch trader only at the age of 18.

His dream is to not just become one of the top ranking entrepreneurs of India, but also to be known as a trader who invests smartly and captures the true essence of the market. Not aiming to be one of the best, but the best ultimately.

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