Know More About Saif Siddiqui, Stylish Instagram Fitness Sensation

Saif Siddiqui
Today we will talk about a Lucknow-based businessman who is making his mark rapidly. Famously known as saif__siddiquii on Instagram, he has a huge following on Instagram and he is very much popular locally. Now that’s really a long list of followers. People follow him for his high fashion style and fitness. He is enthusiastic and passionate about his physique.
Saif Siddiqui was born on 1st of August 1987 a lucknow based businessman who belongs to a very reputed family. Saif Siddiqui is into a real estate business from long.
Saif Siddiqui is a stylish man who loves fashion and lifting weights. He has a keen determination for maintaining his physique. He has been lifting weights from the past 10-12 years. According to Saif Siddiqui Consistency is the key to have a good physique. He lives his life like a boss well dressed and always in vogue.
Saif Siddiqui has always been focusing in maintaining his physique from an early age. With so many years of experience he has the knowledge of proper methods of training. His working out methods keeps one mentally, physically and socially fit. His love from fashion is endless. His walk-in closet is full of luxury brands which is no less than an emporium.
Looking to his style and personality he knows how to keep himself updated with fashion and all the aspects of life.
Saif joined his family business at the age of 24. From that time his business has grown very well. Saif has been always a very focused person regarding his work. From his hectic schedule he still takes out time for gym. This shows his true passion towards fitness. He just wants to keep improving daily in every aspects of his life.
Saif has a very big groups of friends. He loves his family the most. Saif has 3 brothers. He loves to travel and party .
Saif has explored mostly all the brands around the world. He is not a fashion blogger but has a passion towards fashion which helps him to keep exploring. He is known for his classy fashion style.
We hope that Saif Siddiqui keeps growing. We wish him all the very best for the rest of his life. Stay Classy always as you are.
If you haven’t seen him yet then go and check out his Instagram profile where you can have a look at his posts for fitness goals and classy fashion. @saif__siddiquii

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