Know What is Guest Posting And Myths of Guest Posting

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Whenever you come across the term “Guest Posting” many negative things hit you along. Let me explain this. All these are just myths that can destroy your level of motivation, don’t believe in them. 

Guest posting is a practice to attract traffic to your website. It means you publish posts on some high authority’s website or blog that will direct some of their audience to your blog.

It can help you in long run but many rumours are circulating about guest posting.

Myths #1: Waste of time and content

Many people see submitting the guest post as “pouring your precious water bottle into a river”. They consider that doing a lot of work to create a high-quality blog post just for guest posting is a waste of your valuable time and content. Even if you would succeed in guest posting on a high authority blog, still it is not going to pay back. 

But the fact is that the website that engages huge traffic daily can provide you with considerable traffic even if it would be a small chunk of their total audience.

Myths #2: Its Era is gone

A famous myth about guest posting is that its era is gone now. It is dead or dying and soon it will come to an end. How can dying things benefit someone? High authority blogs are not accepting guest posts anymore. 

But the fact is that it is not dead. High-end websites have just upgraded their criteria to maintain the quality of content. Guest posting is not an easy cake. You will have to work hard, polish your writing and create pure gold in order to get notified by gold lovers. Competition is high because many people are trying to achieve this milestone, you will have to work differently to get passed.

Myths #3: A high personal reputation is required

A huge group of people thinks that to get your guest post passed you need to have a high reputation in the industry. You need to have connections with the owners and executives of the websites where you want to guest post. They only allow their students or trainees to guest post.

Fact is opposite to that myth. Why would someone need a guest post for attracting an audience if he already has enough audience and reputation? The only requirement is to provide content that can meet the criteria of their required quality.

Myths #4: Your job is just to publish a post

A misconception that people have in their minds regarding guest posting is that your job is just to create a post, pitch it to the blog, and get it published.

The reality is that you need to follow up. You have to share it to your social media platforms, engage the audience and stay connected with them. Read their comments and reply to them. Even if they are criticizing, answer them logically and politely and you will see converting those people to your regular readers.


Many myths and rumours are spreading around regarding guest posting. If you listen to them you will quit before starting. Give it a try, draw your own conclusion and then decide further. If you will once get into it you will bear fruit of your efforts in the long run.

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