Kody White Defied Traditional Strategy and Built a Team to Scale His YouTube Channel’s Revenue

It is the age of the influencer now, with many people venturing online for gratification and finding it from people on the internet doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Based on these interactions with viewers, an influencer can make a lot of money. The secret to making money this way is only gained through experience because most entrepreneurs are unwilling to part with these hard-earned secrets. But some, like Kody White, defied traditional routes to make millions on YouTube and are more than happy to share these secrets.

White began working as a dishwasher at age 14 to earn enough money to get into gaming videos. He eventually ventured into YouTube channels. Through a phenomenon called faceless YouTube, White was able to make YouTube a valuable source of money. He launched 20 more channels on the same principle, earning double the initial profits and becoming rich subsequently. This secret is kept guarded by the staunchest of YouTube entrepreneurs, but White defends sharing it with his followers and fellow entrepreneurs.

“I know how long it takes to build a business from scratch. It took me nearly seven years. And currently, the market is increasingly competitive, with people and big businesses doing their best to push others down in a bid to succeed. So, small businesses like mine need all the help they can get,” says White. In 2019, he decided to build a business around sharing the secrets of YouTube monetizing with fellow entrepreneurs, thereby transforming their careers. “My net worth is about USD 4 million. I felt like I had to pay back to the community and my fellow business people,” he adds. With a small team to make YouTube videos, he created YTMoney, a business model that acted as a course to teach people to utilize YouTube and build their own cash channels and create a profitable business. Soon afterward, YTMoney was making money for its clients as well as for White’s business. He saw a profit of USD 100,000 a month, with one of his clients making nearly USD 60,000 in the same period.

White hopes to make millions through YTMoney and help his customers achieve the same goal. The key to success, he believes, is in obsessing over your niche till you succeed.

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