Kokodi: A World Without Adults

Imagine a world void of adults (we’d probably be better off) where you must navigate a land filled with adventure, danger, and endless possibilities. This is Kokodi, a third-person extraction shooter set in a fantasy environment. Inspired by the iconic “Legend of Zelda” and the visually stunning “Genshin Impact,” Kokodi blends fast-paced gameplay with cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Kokodi’s Hub


Set in a vibrant, fantastical world, Kokodi’s charm lies in its core concept: a world without adults. This intriguing premise sets the stage for players to explore, fight, and strategize in an environment full of youthful energy and creativity. As players delve into Kokodi, they’ll encounter a variety of challenges, with multiple options for Player versus Player (PvP) and Player versus Environment (PvE) gameplay.

One of the most exciting aspects of Kokodi is its extraction shooter mechanics. Players must survive the dangers of the magical world and also collect valuable resources and artifacts. The stakes are high, as these items can be lost if players are defeated before they can extract them safely. This adds a layer of risk and reward to every mission, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

Kokodi promises that players won’t even know they are playing a blockchain-based game, a trend that is catching on in the Web3 gaming world. This is because the first iteration of P2E games prioritized earning through grinding and forgot that gaming was supposed to be enjoyable above all else. Kokodi will likely use account abstraction to automatically create wallets and assign free NFT-based characters for players when they begin playing. And don’t worry, Kokodi still has a robust in-game economy with its token $KOKO, win-to-earn (W2E) mechanics, and 19 planned utilities for character (NFT) holders.

Seedify Fund: The Incubator Behind Kokodi

Kokodi’s journey from concept to reality will be supported by Seedify Fund, a leading incubator and launchpad in the Web3 space. Seedify specializes in nurturing innovative blockchain projects, providing them with the resources, mentorship, and community support needed to succeed. By staking Seedify’s native token, $SFUND, participants gain early access to game tokens, exclusive in-game assets, and other rewards, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of early adopters and passionate gamers.

Beam Network: The Blockchain Backbone

Kokodi will operate on the Beam Network, a blockchain renowned for its privacy features and robust infrastructure tailored for gaming applications. Beam is built on the Avalanche network, benefiting from its scale, speed, and security while maintaining a distinct focus on gaming. This unique setup allows Beam to offer high scalability and seamless integration with Ethereum-based applications, thanks to its compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)​.

Beam’s emphasis on privacy is particularly noteworthy. Utilizing advanced protocols like Lelantus and Mimblewimble, Beam ensures that all transactions are confidential, protecting player data and in-game assets. This makes Beam an ideal choice for a game like Kokodi, where security and privacy are paramount.

Moreover, Beam’s ecosystem includes tools like BeamOS, Beam Swap, and Beam Bridge, providing developers and players with a comprehensive suite of resources to enhance their gaming experience. The Beam token ($BEAM) serves as the native currency within this ecosystem, used for transactions, governance, and accessing various features and services.

Tying It All Together

Kokodi’s integration with the Beam Network via Avalanche subnet adds another layer of sophistication to the game. This connection leverages Avalanche’s high-performance capabilities, ensuring smooth gameplay and efficient handling of blockchain transactions. For gamers, this means less time worrying about technical issues and more time immersing themselves in gameplay.

For crypto enthusiasts, Kokodi’s use of NFTs, tokens, and marketplaces allows for true ownership of in-game assets, providing players with tangible value for their achievements and efforts within the game.

Final Thoughts

Kokodi has a unique premise (no adults!), multiple gameplay options, strong backing from Seedify Fund, and a robust blockchain in Beam Network via Avalanche. Kokodi is likely set to captivate a large portion of both gamers and crypto enthusiasts. Whether you’re into extraction shooter mechanics, the allure of a world without adults, or the in-game economy, Kokodi has something for everyone.


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