Kosta Ouzas Is a True Hero for Authors Worldwide With His Consulting and Coaching Program ‘Self-Publishing Hero’

It is difficult to be good at more than one thing. This is the conundrum that most writers face when told they need to market their books. They’re writers – not marketers! This is also the reason why most authors fail. 

You see most authors don’t have enough energy left in the tank, after completing a novel, to effectively execute a marketing strategy. They need help. But as self-published authors they cannot rely on a publisher to get the book out for them… they must do the work themselves.

So, where do they start? Well, the most obvious answer is that they should do what is proven to work. But how do they know what works, and more importantly, what works for them?

Kosta Ouzas serves as the best example of a professional who can lead authors to publishing success. All books are different, but the market of readers remains the same. The key here is to adapt what has been proven to work in the past to the individual author.

And this is what he has done by creating a one of a kind coaching and consulting program for authors called Self-Publishing Hero. This has made Kosta Ouzas a hero to the authors he has worked with. 

It is difficult to understand as an author, without spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours, what works and what doesn’t. Working with an expert and receiving direct feedback is the fastest way to see succeed as an author. Kosta is able to create bespoke and powerful digital marketing strategies that help authors reach the audience they desire.

Kosta believes that fiction writers are underrepresented in the digital marketing space. He wants to work even harder and reach a position where his name becomes synonymous with online digital marketing strategies. He believes that without them authors really don’t stand a chance against the competition. It is easier than ever to publish a book online and extremely hard for authors to set themselves apart from the competition. He argues that writing a good book is not enough of a customer acquisition strategy. The key is to master paid advertising. 

This can be learned by following a simple and proven path. Kosta has helped authors reach a combined download of more than 20 million books during his time at Creative Online Publishing. His consulting and coaching program Self-Publishing Hero allows him to once more work closely with writers of fiction directly and worldwide.

Kosta Ouzas says that it has never been a better time to be a writer. Through Self-Publishing Hero he has created a platform for empowered education, where self-publishing experts provide result-driven mentorship and coaching. There is no point in writing a book if it won’t have an audience to read it. Thankfully, he has a solution to this and the results speak for themselves.

Kosta advises authors to learn from people who have already made it and achieved the results they desire. By following proven paths of success, one can reach their goals faster.

Ultimately, Kosta Ouzas says that he works towards making marketing as simple and effective as possible so that writers can continue doing what they do best – write more books.

Kosta Ouzas is leaving no stone unturned to transform the lives of writers through his coaching and consulting program. He has already reached a prominent position in the industry as a Digital Marketing Strategist & Expert in the publishing field. 

To know more about his program, visit the website

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