Kowshik Saha: Emerging singer from the Corona virus pandemic

Music has a special ability to consolidate individuals like nothing else on earth. Enormous occasions or events advance the intensity of music and social amicability. All around the globe individuals use music to unite networks and companions to join in the pleasure in sound and some of the time this is all the motivation expected to achieve change. Such change came during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 for Kowshik Saha, a skillful indie singer, and a medical professional, who as of now, is taking off high on progress attributable to his immaculate music aptitudes.

Coming from a Bengali family, Kowshik acquired his eagerness for music by observing his mom, who used to sing. In his school life, he never knew that singing at 8 AM at the school assembly would help rectify his voice for the future! His diligent effort and enthusiasm towards music have allowed him a chance to showcase his ability through music recordings, occasions, and singles. Kowshik follows melodic legends like Michael Jackson, Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth, Kishore Kumar, and Arijit Singh who have been his motivation for years.

Out of many other cover songs by him, Love Yourself by Justin Bieber, and Cheap Thrills by Sia, have received a great response. Within a very short time of his entry into the music world, Kowshik Saha has gained accolades and popularity on social media. Being an ambivert, he prefers speaking less and working more, with a focus on growth and success. He believes that, no matter how much a person achieves in life, they should be well grounded to Earth and not forgetting their roots.

Kowshik is a hard worker, he always believes that one can achieve all accomplishments in this world by hard work and doing good work. If you talk about good work, Kowshik also does charity and help people in the best way he can and believes that one should help the needy people as in this way we can make this world a better place to live for all.

He also has advice for the youngsters who are coming into this industry that don’t put all your money in the making of the video, try to invest in the quality, and engaging with the audiences so that they can be closer to their fans.

Kowshik is an enthusiastic globe trotter. This is one of the reasons that has assisted him in observing different cultures and picking up accents from people he met throughout his journey. His next goal as an emerging artist will be building not country-specific audiences, but audiences from every part of the world and to make original compositions in the near future.

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