Kristen Edwards Shows You How to Forge Your Own Path to Success

Leaving your 9-5 behind and becoming your own boss is a dream many ambitious entrepreneurs have, but navigating the tricky world of owning your own business can be confusing and dangerous. Many coaches have paved their own roads and offer guidance, but there’s only so much you can pick up from free resources, and are you really willing to drop 4 figures plus on a group coaching course that doesn’t truly fit your style? Strategy coach Kristen Edwards is here to tell you that you don’t have to follow the pre-set road that doesn’t meet your needs, you don’t have to contort and narrow your goals to one specific niche to fit in, and most importantly; you don’t have to forge your path alone!

Kristen knows what it’s like to be told that she couldn’t achieve her dream life. She’s heard ‘professionals’ say that her goals are “too scattered” or close friends say that she has “a higher self-worth than is attainable”. Despite this, Kristen understood that their perspectives were too narrow for her lofty ambitions to travel down, and their methods of support and limiting beliefs did not serve her purpose. She learned that it was up to her to create her dream life. After 4 years of dabbling in coaching, it wasn’t until Kristen was let go from her corporate job due to covid that she finally took the plunge into being her own boss. She ended up doubling her income and seizing the life she dreamed of, on her own terms.

Kristen found her niche when she realized she couldn’t set out by others, and instead worked on understanding her own strengths, and connecting her zones of expertise with her goals to build the life of success and abundance she deserved. Now she devotes herself to helping driven women attain the same goals in their own way; coaching, training and supporting them to gain clarity and discover their own strengths. With a Bachelor’s in Organizational Communication and a Master’s in Applied Psychology, Kristen uses multiple scientific and psychological models such as the Enneagram and DISC frameworks to help tailor custom strategies to her client’s specific needs. 

Kristen’s methods enable her clients to live up to their own definition of success; cultivating the clarity, confidence and consistency needed to build a successful business that provides value, and achieving a sustainable life of financial freedom. Kristen’s services are intimate, one-on-one programs that can last as long as 12 weeks, or as little as one day, but they are all intense programs that work to realign your goals with your strengths, and provide the framework for your business’ success.

Rounding out Kristen’s commitment to elevating women in business is her weekly podcast Amplify Ambition, where Kristen and her guests share proven methods that help entrepreneurs to achieve their goals, make an impact and “dream loudly!” Join Kristen as she offers insight and inspiration on ways to consistently hit your goals and move forward confidently every week.

If you’re a motivated female entrepreneur that’s tired of trying to fit someone else’s roadmap for success into your own unique situation, connect with Kristen Edwards on Instagram, Facebook or through her website, and let her help you develop your own map that speaks your language. Kristen is a proven facilitator of bringing your expertise to center stage, and can ensure that you build the financial freedom you’ve been dreaming of.

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