Kyree Hollis and His Rise as an Innovative Music Influencer and Digital Marketing Mogul

If you don’t already know Kyree Hollis, you will soon. He is making a name for himself in the music industry as an influencer and digital marketing manager. The 23-year old gained popularity by leveraging connections and the power of social media while taking risks with innovative platforms and marketing campaigns. His popularity on Triller (a social media platform with Tik Tok vibes and a stronger focus on music) is no surprise. Hollis produces eye-catching and endlessly entertaining videos so enticing you find yourself bopping to the soundtrack days later. 

That’s his gift: an innate ability to predict what will grab your attention and keep you wanting more. From his youth in Atlanta to working with artists like Yo Gotti, King Combs, and Cam’ron, here’s how he rose to the top.

Influential Youth

Born in Indiana, Kyree Hollis moved to Atlanta in his youth and grew up surrounded by music. His father was an award-winning Grammy producer. His mom, an obvious strong influence on Hollis, was a business manager working alongside Devyne Stephens, manager to hip hop star Akon. Early exposure to artists and industry had a profound impact on shaping the direction of his life. Hollis played football at the University of Alabama and Indiana University, before dropping out at the age of 19 to follow his passion in the music biz. 

Armed with passion and a willingness to go the extra mile, Kyree Hollis began to network. Moving to LA set him firmly in the middle of the music scene and on his way to industry success.

Thinking Longevity and Innovate

A crucial key to Kyree’s success: he is not a follower. His willingness to seek out new mediums and take risks with innovative marketing has been one of the greatest contributing factors to his success. His entry onto Triller, now one of his biggest platforms, occurred because of his desire to experiment. Hollis stumbled on the platform while researching ways to share a client’s music.

In his own words, Hollis is “always thinking of the next viral but sustainable moment. It’s one thing to build impressions or cause a viral moment, but it’s another to build those things and maintain it.” He says, “I’m all about longevity. By doing that and remaining credible and trustworthy, I feel as if I can continue steady growth.”

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Along with innovation, Kyree Hollis grows his empire through word of mouth referrals and networking. He holds tight to the idea that “your network is your net worth”, and is known to go out of his way to help those around him. Just as he leveraged his initial industry connections to get his foot in the door, Hollis has continued to expand his reach through introductions and collaborations. His growing web of industry friends and partnerships has helped him accomplish incredible things, from partnering with Sean “Diddy” Combs to launch Combsfest to working with Cam’ron on his return from hiatus. He currently partners with a wide range of artists and producers to market music and connect to core audiences. 

What’s Next

Kyree Hollis has proven that he’s here in the business to stay. We can expect to see continued innovation and hear incredible music as a result of his unique ability to grow audiences and create brands. Though he plays coy about what exactly is on the horizon, we anticipate more curated events, lots of digital marketing campaigns, and a rumored appearance in the television space. One thing is certain, his star power will continue to grow.

Follow Kyree’s journey: @kyreedatsme on Twitter, Instagram, Triller

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