L. Frost is all set to Make Big Moves in the Entertainment Industry

L frost

Singing your heart out on a Paper Jamz microphone.  Browsing the dictionary.  Chugging an energy drink on the way to the gym.  On the surface, these things seem unrelated, but once you zoom in, you can see that all these experiences-and more-are covered with the icy fingerprints of none other than industry veteran L. Frost.

While L. Frost may not be a household name (yet!), his body of work is instantly recognizable around the globe, and how he got started is certainly movie-worthy: starting his entertainment career fresh out of high school, Frost toured many parts of the world with the multi-platinum artist Ginuwine after being discovered for his dancing capabilities by well-known choreographer John “Mac” Gilliam at a high school talent show where he performed with his long-time dancing group known as The Bachelors.  

He was then fortunate enough to receive attention from Stomp the Yard’s Darrin Henson, who mentored young Frost on dance and acting.  From there, his accomplishments as a dancer and choreographer expanded to include working with artists such as Omarion, Missy Elliot, and Chris Brown.  Moreover, he opened for acts such as Usher, Nelly, J-Kwon, and Bow-wow, which are just a few of the notable names on the list.

It doesn’t stop there: Visit Merriam-Webster’s list of Top 10 Words of the 80’s, and Frost’s picture is plastered at the top, the signature “toes down” dance pose an embodiment of the word Hip Hop.  His recognizable dance silhouettes, used on everything from dance studio posters to MTV’s Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season Five’s runner-up Blueprint Cru, are everywhere in the dance community.

As if his dance accomplishments aren’t enough, L. Frost has also done his fair share of work in the modeling world.  His face graces the cover of the Paper Jamz Pro Star Microphone package, the book series Hood Misfits by Carl Weber, and the billboard for Step Up 3D.  Most notable was his stint as the rapper Lil Pup, poster boy for the Australian drink brand V Energy. 

His iconic image and complex moves are impressive enough on their own, but Frost is not one to settle for staying inside the box and has built an equally impressive singer/songwriter portfolio as well.  Expanding his talents from the stage to the paper, Frost has written songs for artists including Lamar Ashe, Ebony Eyez, and Tydis, just to name a few. 

Stepping beyond the page, he collaborated on and performed the song “Falling” with his globally known famous cousin, national hip-hop recording artist Chingy, which was nominated for song of the year in Africa and Australia-and the word on the street is, be on the lookout for a new collaboration with this duo in the near future.

Now, with all his past successes and lessons creating an unshakeable foundation, L. Frost has his sights set on taking Hollywood by storm with his company Clearlion Productions.  Currently in the process of producing a show that he calls “a little bit of drama mixed with elements of fantasy and horror”, Frost is determined to become the global success he always knew he could be. 

And it’s not just him who thinks so; attached to this classified project is the legendary Debbie Allen, Emmy award-winning cinematographer John Simmons, producer Arthur Thompkins, and fellow production company Bat in the Sun.  “I feel so blessed for having an amazing team that believes in this project as much as I do” he remarks with a smile.

He adds “I can’t say too much, but this show is definitely going to happen, and I’m pumped for the world to see it.”  If the debut of the show is anything like his past successes, it will definitely be a must-see.

While this article couldn’t begin to include everything that this impressive entertainer has done nor predict the atmospheric things that are yet to come, one thing is for sure: L. Frost will not quit until he creates a rich and revolutionary legacy and earns his place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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