La.Breadwinner Is Coming Up With A New Sound Out Of NY

LA.Breadwinner is making waves in the music industry

Hailing from Ossining, NY, upcoming MC La.Breadwinner has been on a journey for quite some time. The hip hop artist began playing music in his school band at as early as 10-years-old. These early moments in music paved the way for a career as a hip hop artist and gave him a musical base with which he could build a sound off of.

La.Breadwinner points at self-doubt as being the most challenging part of his journey. “So far, the most challenging thing I’ve overcame was to stop doubting myself and believe and in trust in me more at one point I used to think I wouldn’t be good enough no matter how many ppl liked a song or bar,” said La.Breadwinner.

As a creative, La.Breadwinner is heavily inspired by his family and the environment around him. Musician artists Travis Scott, The Weeknd, and Lil Baby also have influence on the artist’s sound.

La.Breadwinner’s main focus is to create music that gives off good vibes. He’s less concerned about living the life of a hip hop artist, and more concerned about releasing vibes. “I would love ppl to just take good vibes and feel good about the music I feel as an black artist there’s always expectations of what to put out,” explained La.Breadwinner.

La.Breadwinner has come a long way in a short time as a hip hop artist. He says so far his greatest achievement is owning the right to all his music. “So far for me my greatest achievement is owning my music and copyright still as well as my name best feeling ever right now,” said the creative.

The New York artist recently just dropped a new single called “VVS” which is out now all platforms.

You can listen to “VVS” below:

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Written by Jeremy Morris

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