Ladies, Is It Really Harmful to Shave Your Body Hair With a Razor?

Razors, one of the biggest question marks when it comes to shaving body hair in women. Whether shaving with razors is harmful for your skin or not, is a query that almost every other woman has. So what’s the answer?

Well, razors, although they may prove to be quite handy, especially when you cannot spare the time to get a wax, can actually be pretty harsh on your skin if not used properly. Let us take a look at the common problems ladies face while using razors to shave body hair:

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Dull Blades

This one’s a real common mistake, and a pretty bad one too. Using dull blades to shave your body hair, not only requires extra push and effort but the repeated strokes can cause harm to your skin, by peeling off a very thin outer layer of skin along with the hair follicles. Sharp blades on the other hand give you soft smooth skin, effortlessly.

Non-flexible Blades

Blades that come without a multi-directional head can make shaving really difficult, especially in the regions that are hard to reach. Rigidity increases the chances of getting cut as well. Hence flexibility is a must.

Razor Burns and Ingrown Hair

Another couple of big issues faced by women who use razor to shave body hair are razor burns and ingrown hair. Razor burns are really common, and cause damage to the skin if not treated with care.

They can be avoided by using good quality, sharp blades, while ingrown hairs can be really problematic, painful and hard to avoid. Skin irritations like these are a big reason why razors remain questionable options in the domain of body hair removal.

Even though they come with quite a few unwanted side effects, razors still remain one of the most widely used tools for body hair removal in women, because of their quick and easy to use functionality.

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