Lakshay Narula talks about finishing’ 2nd in The Player Hunt, India’s first online poker reality show

An online poker-based reality show. Brought to you by PokerHigh. Hosted by Rannvijay Singh – youth icon and a very respected name in poker circle.

He says “ My poker journey started back in 2013 when I moved to Turkey and my flatmate Onur taught me how to play Poker , at first I found the game to be all about luck but later after few months into play I realized that this is not just about luck but about strategy, patience and Perseverance.

Now its been over 7 years into poker with over 200+ tournaments and I have realized that every poker player in their conscious or sub conscious mind has a process that he follows.

When a player looks at their cards first, he creates a poker face or false tells, the process of hand reading, the process of bet sizing, the process of what the player to your left will do if you raise him, the process of selecting the hand to play from which position.

Shifa from Brand and stories approached me for this show, I have known Shifa for a while now , shes been my mentor since my initial hosting/anchoring days . I auditioned for the show and was placed amongst the top 12 contestants, and then the tournament began.

In these challenging times we have seen how things are going virtual, and I thought it’s a great oppournity to be a part of something so unique and exquisite. I was super stoked to finish 2nd as the runner up of a show that’s one of its kind.

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