Lanard Harris aka Wine Continues to Elevate Hip-Hop in 2021

Throughout history, music has been a common language that has defined many precious moments in our lives. Musicians can transform distress, anxiety, anger, happiness, and dreams into mesmerizing songs that are almost magical. The talent to organize words & sounds that can impact our thoughts and emotions is a blessing of God.

During the late ’80s & ’90s, black families struggled with racism, drugs, and financial issues. In addition, Kansas City’s gangs, including MS13, Dime Block, Norteños, and Southdale Bloods, majorly inspired the black youth. Yet, some individuals motivated them to pursue their passion instead of what is given to them by the mafia.

As a global recording artist, Lanard Harris owes much of his success to his childhood. Having survived a near-death experience as a child, Lanard learned to deal with his grim past and confronted his beliefs. With the power of music, Lanard Harris was able to inspire himself and many human beings around him as well. It gave those beings hope for a bright future.

The absolute dedication of Lanard Harris towards music helps him originate “The Real Wine” in 2013. Fine Wine Entertainment, LLC has produced numerous critically acclaimed musical projects since it was established. “Out the Cellar” was the first album to showcase the raw and original lyrical rap skills of “The Real Wine.” A big hit, “No Sleep,” became a street anthem & boosted the energy of Kansas City.

“The Real Wine’’ took a five-year break while being on his way to transform his sound, lyrical delivery, and brand direction. The most painful experience of his musical recovery was when “The Real-Wine” lost his father. Due to his extreme closeness to his father, he felt as if he had lost his purpose in life. So, Lanard spent six months searching for a purpose and identifying the innermost goals. “The Real-Wine’’ was able to revolutionize the world from his perspective into readable rhymes of hope & dreams to touch the skies.

“The Real Wine” released his second album, “Out the Cellar 2,” which included the hit of this album, “ATM.” This song went viral in the clubs of the Midwest & south music regions. It was immediately praised in the Atlanta music community, while DJs nationally supported all the hard work of “The Real-Wine.” In Digital Radio Tracker’s Top 150 Independent charts, ATM is listed as number one.

“The Real-Wine,” has over ten countries with digital streaming fans, including France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Canada, and Africa. In 2021, “The Real Wine” brand will focus on international branding, merchandising, millennial clothing, & multiple non-profit projects.

Millennial Street Music gets a boost with “TheRealWine.” Lanard Harris is a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE. RADIOPUSHERS is a leading music monetization agency for Millennial artists.

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