Las Vegas Tech Mogul with 20 Years of Business Experience Shares 3 Tips to Creating Long-lasting Health and Wealth

If you have yet to hear of Prophecy Onasis, he’s a Las Vegas tech mogul who has been working behind the scenes for 20+ years at the helms of some of the biggest tech and entertainment companies in the world, such as Verizon Media.

As Chief Technology Officer of Vuuzle Media, Onasis is in charge of building native apps and content delivery networks for entertainment. He is also a creative genius of a few words that commands attention when he speaks. 

For a business owner at this level of success, Onasis is not one to be seen flexing alongside a Lamborghini on Instagram. He shares fun content, motivational messages, and teaches others how to change their mindset into one of wealth and health. 

Onasis shares with us his top 3 tips on how to achieve a life of happiness, health and wealth, and curate a healthy family life filled with joy. 

Followers Don’t Make You Happy

Onasis has over 80,000 followers on Instagram, however, his content is not typical. He uses his Instagram to share behind the scenes of entertainment, tech projects, and his day-to-day life as a Las Vegas tech mogul. He’s quick to remind his followers to stay humble.

“My grandmothers told me – never think you’re too good to be polite and humble. When you climb, you will fall and the very person you were not in your best grace with may see you tumbling down. You may end up needing their help whether you like it or not.”

Family is Everything

Onasis is the quintessential family man. Conversations with him often involve his wife and kids.

Despite having so many personal commitments, he somehow manages to stay dialed into the business. His biggest motivation is his family, especially his wife.

“My wife is my best motivator. She truly understands the championship mindset. She does not allow me to hit a low. She is my best friend. She is not a woman of opinionated destruction; she understands how to pivot and this is really helpful.”

He Works With the Best

Onasis has worked with powerful companies in entertainment and tech with the likes of Verizon Media. 

Working with world-class partners comes naturally to him as he has always been surrounded by famous and notable people, and also advises others to surround themselves with like-minded positive thinking individuals.

“Actor Don Cheadle was in my drama class. The wealthiest black man in America, Robert Smith, also went to my school. That’s just to name a few. I knew those guys would be somebody, you could feel the energy in the hallways at East High School back then. It was very positive.”

The theme of “humble tech mogul” with Prophecy continues to emerge when speaking about his partnership with Verizon. He continues to innovate with his team at Vuuzle Media with a vision to create 3D technology for the upcoming innovations happening in entertainment and tech. 

To have a partnership with such a powerful company as Verizon is an honor. We were invited to their headquarters in LA and were able to see The Nock which is Verizon’s central intelligence for all their streaming technology. We also have been awarded the Brand Blazer award by Verizon for being leaders in how we use streaming technology solutions. That is a huge accomplishment for our whole team at Vuuzle.”

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