Latoya Shea is the Spiritual Coach You Want to Work With

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In the last few years, we have seen a surge in the coaching industry. Most experts have turned their careers around to help individuals reach their goals, whether they are personal, professional, or spiritual. Their primary focus is to help their clients thrive and feel fulfilled.

That is why people turn to these experts for advice, to learn from their experiences and their personal paths. If you are looking to build your connection with God in order to lead a happy life, Latoya Shea is the spiritual coach you want to work with.

Latoya Shea describes herself as “sent by God, shaped by experiences, fueled by the passion to serve,” and that is why she works every day to help her clients achieve their spiritual goals, following a positive path. She is a firm believer that every individual was created in love and for excellence, so everyone has a purpose that deserves to be fulfilled. 

Shea believes in just God, no man-made religions, no rituals, no false truths. This is based on her belief that every person was created to have dominion over all things.

However, she understands there can be certain circumstances that make people feel like they can not fulfill their purpose. “Childhood traumas, relationship issues, family dilemmas, health issues, or this nagging thing that you just can’t put your finger on — whatever it is, it is not the will of God for your life.” On the contrary, she helps her clients understand God’s will is their prosperity. She helps demolish the obstructions and guides individuals to their destinies.

This spiritual coach herself faced adversity when at the age of 13, she found herself being homeless. She learned from this experience how to move forward and make the best out of life, which led to her deep spiritual journey and intimacy with God. After the hardships she was able to overcome, “I finally accepted my calling as God’s vessel to do good and guide many back to him as a spiritual life coach.”

Her coaching services focus on four main goals that she believes help everyone’s spiritual journey.

  • Help you identify and shatter obstacles to realize your dreams.

  • Guide you to and through spiritual awareness and growth.

  • Lead you to an in-depth knowledge of and relationship with God.​

  • Celebrate with you as you become the highest expression of your fabulous self.

The truth is as human beings we are constantly trying to improve ourselves, reach our goals, and thrive in life. Sometimes we need an extra helping hand, and that is why Latoya Shea is the spiritual coach you want to work with.

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