Laura Noble, Dominican Singer with Big Goals

Laura Noble, born in Dominican Republic and raised in KC, began singing in her church and school choirs. When we asked Laura what her goals are she said “to continue to create great music, work with other artists/producers, do a world tour, create a brand, and branch out into the business realm with products I want to create”. These are some big goals, but with her raw talent and drive – they are 100% attainable.

Laura Noble wants her listeners to be inspired and to relate to her music – for them to feel they can keep going, no matter what, and create their own path. In the past Laura struggled with her own self-doubt and doesn’t want her listeners going through the same. Laura has persevered through poor self-confidence and has come out of her shell when it comes to dance – she says, “some days are good, some aren’t”.

With her two biggest musical inspirations being Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez, it’s no wonder she’s a well-rounded woman. Not only does she sing and dance, but she also acts. She has been in two commercials, and three films, she also enjoys doing voice over work. Her song “Love Ahora” has been nicknamed “The World Cup Song” by several media outlets in South America.

Laura just released a song titled “Touch the Sky” on March 22, 2022 and has two upcoming releases – “No Longer Broken”, a pop ballad produced by Brian Kennedy & Davix Foreman, and a Spanish ballad titled “Abrazame” produced by Sina Sua.

Keep up with Laura Noble Instagram and YouTube to watch her crush her goals one by one.

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