Lawton Hopwood : Brace Yourselves To Know The Man Who Started off in Property with Zero Money

Lawton Hopwood, based out of Manchester UK, went viral with a youtube video where he worked closely with his mentor and now good friend ‘Samuel Leeds’. This journey of property business started with absolute zero investments and he went on to make over £20,000 a month.

Lawton’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Lawton began his days of career as a Project manager where he was made redundant at a place he worked at for over 4 years. Lawton had been watching Samuel Leeds on his Youtube channel learning the basics of property and backed this up with massive action.

Lawton mentioned that he didn’t realise it at the time, that in fact it was a blessing in disguise being made redundant, as this gave him an opportunity to follow his dreams – A real sink or swim moment which he wasn’t going to let pass.

Throughout his career as a project manager, Lawton got a good standard of living and comfortable life. However, there was still something that was missing. He could support his family, buy a house, car – however his entrepreneurial zeal told him that he still was born for a greater purpose.

Lawton shares, “I remember back in high school Ashton upon Mersey – I was given 40p a day for the bus as we lived a good 40 minute walk away. I saved that money, and over the 3 days I had enough to buy a pack of 4 Lucozade from the Co Op. I’d sell these to my school mates for £1 each, profiting £3 at a time. I did this everyday, saved, bought more inventory, and sold it in school. I saw the struggle, and I quickly realised if I wanted to get something I’d have to work for it myself.”

Perhaps this incident shows the nature of perseverance and entrepreneurship he truly was born with. Over time, that entrepreneurial spirit moved to more profitable items which he continued into his late 20’s. A natural salesman you could say, or someone who’s ambitions were so great that nothing was going to stop him.

Fast forward back to June 2020, the young charismatic man realised that he was being made redundant during the global  pandemic. Lawton recalls that he felt his heart sink with sadness and desperation that day until it was a light bulb moment. He opened up his laptop and logged onto the Samuel Leeds 365 and signed up to his  online training.

It was in those 10 minutes or less, Lawton took a decision that would change his life forever. He was without a job, without an income but had the drive and vision for something greater. Lawton had been watching Samuel Leeds for a good 6 month period before this and knew this was his moment.

Lawton started off sourcing investment properties for investors and charging a fee. This quickly increased to several deals a month charging thousands of pounds per deal. He had no savings with no safety net to fall back on. He was laser focused on what he wanted to achieve and Hopwood Homes Group was born.

Hopwood Homes is a company bringing together great investment properties and busy professionals. They have a team of sourcers who are extremely active in searching for properties all across the UK – all of which have to meet a strict standard set by lawton himself, and offer in excess of 20% return on their money.

Hopwood Homes Group also now moved into Land Developments where they have set to build their first 6 houses from scratch this year, along with many more in the pipeline. Lawton also documents his entire process on his popular Instagram page @lawton_Hopwood where he has grown a huge audience over the past 8 months.

Lawton shares “It’s important to be open and transparent with your followers – They see me win, lose, fall over and get up. I think it’s really important to share all sides of the coin online and create this new trend of transparency and hopefully I can inspire some with my story as I was inspired by Samuel’s.”

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