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Lawyer and Entrepreneur Haitham Amin Lets Us in on His Secrets to Success

Amin says it is essential to trust your instincts and encourage your team to take risks to be successful in your business.

Taking risks is a common aspect of entrepreneurship. The mere fact of starting a project entails a risk that very few decide to take. However, in many cases, the ability to take risks individually or in groups can diminish when part of the objective has already been achieved.

Fear of failure, of making mistakes, or simply postponing decisions because they seem too risky, are common mistakes made by some entrepreneurs who are unaware of the importance of this issue.

In this regard, Haitham Amin, lawyer, entrepreneur, and brand consultant, says that taking risks in a team is one of the most important aspects to carry out any business. From his experience, it has been precisely the motivation to trust his instincts and encourage his team to take risks, which has allowed him to get to where he is today.

Today, Amin is a highly regarded lawyer in San Francisco. His experience in diverse cases, his quality of care, and extensive service in different legal areas have provided him the steps to an outstanding career.

However, he assures that this would not have been possible if he had not decided to take risks in the company of his team, with whom he assures that the work is much more complete.

Leaving the comfort zone

Taking risks means leaving the comfort zone and peace of mind. This is exactly what Amin has tried to keep constant during the development of his career and his personal brand.

“Encourage your team to take calculated risks whenever possible,” is one of the details that stands out. And that’s what he did in 2012 when he decided to go into independent practice after several years working as a Public Defender in Solano and Marin Counties.

Although it was a major risk, being focused on his goals was the impetus. He needed to make this decision, which, so far, has yielded great results.

Normalizing Discomfort

Amin says that maintaining a constant routine can be harmful, both at work and personally. He emphasizes the importance of innovation and standardization of comfort to grow and strengthen those aspects of his brand that need to be reinvented to go further.

“Growth and innovation should not be comfortable efforts anyway,” he says, pointing out that the whole team should be adapted to this idea to make it work properly.

Turning, testing, and failure

For Amin, it is natural that “bold ideas go through a process of turning, testing, and failure.” That is, transforming an idea into action, testing its operation, and failing. It is from there, he assures, that the process of innovating and reinventing successful ideas spring. Although this is total madness for many, he knows that this is worthwhile.

Unleashing the potential of the team

Risks and teamwork are indispensable to the path to success. Deciding to step outside the comfort zone and motivating other team members to do so will result in a wealth of ideas that will make the entire operation more productive.

Nothing that doesn’t make a difference to people will work. That’s why innovating and motivating the team to do so from each of their areas is one way to ensure this is done effectively.

Making each one of you responsible for your ideas

An essential element in seeing results when taking risks as a team is to keep everyone focused on their ideas. This will make creative improvement solutions come out of their original creator and also facilitate the scopes of innovation, because each member of the group will be focused on moving forward.

Amin ensures that the team represents a key factor for the growth of a venture. The ability to take risks, whenever possible, should be calculated and focused on improvement which will bring them ever-greater results.

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