Leading With Love: Beauty Empire CEO Flavia Leal Works Hard to Champion Women in All Her Endeavors

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Beauty mogul Flavia Leal arrived in the US from Brazil in 2000 with almost nothing. She dreamed of finding a mentor to look up to, someone to ask questions of and turn to for advice. She didn’t manage to locate such an inspirational figure, but the founder of Flavia Leal Beauty School promised to herself that someday she’d be that leader to other women. 

Today, she’s been that person for the hundreds of ladies who have graduated from her chain of beauty schools, as well as the thousands of people who have heard her motivational speeches at events around the world. In addition to being a mentor and inspiration, she promised herself that she’d lead with empathy, love, and an open mind. 

“I know what it’s like to grow up with few opportunities, to hope and dream of creating something better for yourself and your family. So many people might say ‘no’ to you or not believe in your strength. I’m here for those women, to give them a hand and hold the doors to my schools open for women with less-privileged pasts,” she explained. 

She not only talks the talk, but she also walks the walk. Leal welcomes women from all backgrounds at her schools, listens to them, teaches them, and eventually learns from each and every one. She says that each time you listen to someone else’s story, you gain more insight into humanity, motivations, and the interconnectedness of events. 

Overcoming Obstacles

Leal emigrated to the US with her baby daughter in tow, determined to make herself a success. After arriving, she enrolled in college and earned a degree while putting in 80-hour work weeks and raising her child, who was suffering from ADHD, in substandard housing. 

Once her career prospects started looking up after graduation, she received two more sharp blows that broke her heart. In 2008, her father died, and a year later, in 2009, her beloved mother passed on as well. She continues to dedicate her success to her mother, who had long been one of her biggest fans and champions. 

You might be asking yourself how she continued down the path to success.

“You do what you have to do, not what you want to do,” said Leal,

“When our minds get tired, we don’t want to open the door because of what is on the other side, but we have to do these things to grow.”

Instead of going into hiding to lick her wounds, Leal doubled down and opened the doors to her first beauty school in 2010. Two years later, she launched her cosmetics line, followed by a second school that opened in 2013.

It wasn’t long before she had a large clientele, gained a following on social media, and began getting clients and students based on her often shared posts about the school, hair trends, and beauty tips. She also started taking bookings to speak at beauty events around the world, offering unique talks that meld business topics related to the beauty world, overcoming the past, and working in a way that enables other women. 

Today, she’s also spoken and displayed across parts of North America, Europe, and South America, among others.

A Motivated Mentor

Leal considers her personal mission to be, ‘Meet people. Help people. Be generous.’ Her students report that she meets this mission daily through her work ethic, understanding, and problem-solving. 

In addition to hair cutting, coloring, and styling, Leal’s schools teach a variety of beauty specializations. They offer classes on manicures, artificial nail application and design, pedicures, eyebrow shaping and styling, airbrushing, esthetics, and makeup artistry. 

Offering advanced education alongside international certifications, Flavia Leal Beauty School lets students live up to their potential and begin their dream careers.

“Everything is possible. It depends on what you want and believe in, despite where you come from or who you are,” Leal said,

“No one can tell anyone that they are not good enough. I opened my school to help all students, regardless of where they come from.”

With Leal’s positive energy and enthusiasm for assisting others, she plans to act as a champion of women for decades to come. 

About Flavia Leal

Flavia Leal, Founder of the Flavia Leal Beauty School, is an award-winning instructor, serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker. For more information, please visit: https://www.flavialeal.com/

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