Leadspring: Meet the Top ISAs That Will Help Take Your Marketing Company to the Top

In the field of professional marketing, marketers will often find themselves juggling a lot of work, generating leads, handling orders, and managing the finances. Handling all these tasks can prove difficult to both the sole marketer occupying small niches, and large organizations, which is why the service provided by ISAs is invaluable in determining the success of lead generation in any marketing company.

ISAs, or Inside Sales Agents are agents who specialize in lead generation, contacting and qualifying leads from several sources, lead prospecting, cold calling and identifying potential customers and lead follow up, by getting referrals, compiling results, and answering questions. These agents also help set up appointments between the marketer and the lead through live transfers.

Leadspring ISA comes in as one of the most versatile and unique ISA teams out here, made up of several skilled entrepreneurs, this team of talented ISAs is based completely in the United states, focused on providing high quality leads to loan officers, realtors and investors. Leadspring  excels particularly in real estate, though they can handle any marketers needs.

Lead generation companies like Leadspring are nowadays a little more common, however Leadspring has an edge, two in fact, not only is Leadspring the first all United states based ISA team, they’re the first to make live transfers, this unique advantages make Leadspring an organic fit for any marketer.

Leadspring’s team of dedicated specialists is led by Austin Benton, a finance manager and marketer, who noticed he was having more organic conversations anytime he used an ISA team based in the States, so he started Leadspring as a way of exploring that opportunity, in his words, “ Having an ISA all located in the US helps a lot with conversations because all members of the ISA team can understand and speak at length about the market. Everyone on the team has a background in real estate and marketing which comes through in calls to leads”.

Leadspring has had unprecedented success in the past, with helping marketers grow their business within their niches. Using personalized criteria for lead generation, Leadspring also sets up discovery calls for marketers to scale their businesses, ensuring each lead generated is a proper fit for the marketer, Jennifer Turner, a top ISA at Leadspring ISA says “Our team takes each lead personally. We genuinely care about providing the best service to individuals. The leads are never a number. That is honestly why I love this so much.”

There are many advantages in choosing Leadspring; as a leading ISA company, Leadspring has consistently proven its invaluable worth to anyone working in real estate especially, and in any niche whatsoever. By ensuring:

  • Fast communication through the major social platforms, like Facebook and Slack.
  • A huge focus is placed on the relationships we build between lead and marketer, especially during live transfers.
  • Messages and calls come from people who can empathize with and reassure both lead and marketer.
  • Lead generation, 8am-8pm, 7 days a week in every time zone.
  • Leadspring ISA will call, discover, and book demos for leads the marketer cannot follow up.
  • Constant innovation and implementation of online marketing strategies.

Luke Faulconer, tech genius and digital marketer, who works with Leadspring remarked that “in a fast-paced industry like real estate, it’s so important to stay on top of the latest techniques when it comes to your lead generation and marketing. If you do not have an online presence, you will be left behind in the dust, we are constantly studying and implementing new strategies that would work best for our clients”.

Mark Alderson, who is the business development manager at Leadspring stated “we started in the real estate niche and we’ve expanded to the insurance field, gyms, contractors- you name it and our team can scale it.”

To find out more about Leadspring visit: LeadspringISA.com or simply find Austin Benton, Luke Faulconer, or Mark Alderson on FB and LinkedIn. They are easily accessible and happy to chat with any professional.

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