Learn about different Indigenous tribal practices through filmmaker Dakota Wint:

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Different people have different cultural traditions around the world. However, it is important to know and understand their perspective in order to build bridges across the gaps and understand the world of humankind better. Dakota Wint, a 25-year-old young man, is on a mission to educate the masses about different indigenous tribes and their cultural practices as he travels around the world.

Born and brought up in Detroit, Michigan, Dakota Wint is a social Media Influencer, Storyteller, Filmmaker, Youtuber and last but not the least, a Podcast Host. Dakota Wint has always been passionate about Mother Nature which is precisely why he chose this career path. His mission is to shed light on unique cultural practices. He has come across the Aghori Tribes in India, the Shipibo Tribe in Peru, the Mazatecas of Oaxaca in Mexico and many others to date.

Dakota mentioned one of his most memorable experiences where he met an Indigenous tribe in Mexico called the Wixarikas or the Huicholes. They are called the ‘Peyote Eating Tribe’ as they consider it as a means to communicate with their god. For several reasons, Peyote is considered illegal in the US.

Dakota spent around a month and a half here with a Spiritual leader named Marakame. He also participated in five of the Peyote Eating Ceremonies and claimed that it was an experience worth remembering. He says, “Understanding people’s way of doing things is one of the best ways humans can learn from each other.”

Dakota said that these encounters have broadened his mind and made him realise that there is more to the world than the eyes can see. However, he has faced many challenges in his journey. He said, “It is not easy to go to the furthest corners of the world and hope everything works out.”

Moreover, some people do not really try to understand others’ perspectives and judge without any conscience. Regardless, Dakota remains unbothered about all of these as his passion for exploration is stronger than these challenges.

Dakota Wint has discovered there is more to learn about this world, especially spiritually, as a result of his interactions with many tribes and his participation in their rituals. He’s also delighted to be able to share the experiences of these native groups with the broader audience. In case you wish to know more about these stories, follow Dakota Wint on:

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