Learn About Tourists Behavior With Kaveh Jafari

Coronavirus has touched and disturbed life all over the world tremendously in recent years. Researchers worldwide are increasingly concerned with coronavirus treatments and vaccines, maybe the most significant ones for people and global health groups is health.

The mental well-being of people is also highly significant, particularly during the quarantine period. Many people are isolated and the economic hardship causes nervous and mental disorders in every person over the planet.

Kaveh Jafari and his colleagues conducted an academic research study on tourist behaviour during the coronavirus and obtained fascinating discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean University.

Their research, titled “The Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Consumer Behavior of Turkish Tourists” and published in a major Spanish academic journal in tourism and hospitality, demonstrates that the major impact of COVID-19 on people’s lifestyle, employment and travel during the COVID-19 epidemic period, with different implications on people’s willingness to travel, leisure choice and public hygiene concerns.

In general, the effect of a COVID – 19 outbreak depends on the kind of paroxysm and the duration, with the combination of internal motivation and external compulsion and travel prohibitions causing a decline in travel and tourism.

Kaveh Jafari states in this regard,

The collecting of data was carried out online on the sites where visitors complain. We thought at first, we would not be able to achieve such results from internet data, but we came up with some results after meticulous research, and our group was pleasantly shocked.

We could see that there is a strong link between the inner sentiments of visitors and the regulations of curfews. To understand this, I invite travellers and anyone who is interested in tourism to read our research.

This is not the first study of Kaveh Jafari on the impacts of the corona Virus, but research has already been done in the prominent Swiss public health journal on the impact of Corona on the lives of nurses at Instagram. Their research on the social impact of Corona seems to be going ahead thus far.


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