Learn How to Create a Successful Brand with Jules Marcoux

Every morning I wake up I seem to come across someone proclaiming themselves as an expert on branding. Whether they do personal branding or business branding, it’s all very similar. Now I don’t confess myself as an expert in this area by any means, so I decided to interview someone that is seen as a marketing branding whiz. Let me introduce to you two-time bestselling author, freelance marketer, and Instagram Influencer Jules Marcoux.

Marcoux is a 22 year old French Canadian entrepreneur that is taking the world by storm. He’s already written two books selling over 30,000 copies around the world and built an Instagram following just under 200,000 followers.

Marcoux is someone I’ve been learning from for a while so in order to really dish out some solid advice for everyone reading this Marcoux decided to give me a few tips to share with the Influencive audience. Here they are.

1. Define Who You Are

This is such a valuable tip from Jules and hearing him talk about it, made me realize there is no better first step to branding. You need to be able to answer some tough questions at the beginning in order to set up a plan of branding domination in the future.

Question 1: How do you want the world to see you?

Do you want to be seen as funny, professional, out-going, or inspirational? These are all different focuses for you and your brand, so it’s important to choose how you want others to see you.

I know for myself this is something I’ve done personally to help establish myself in the online space. Writing is a huge passion of mine and something I’ve started to be known for, but I don’t just want to be seen as a writer. I want to be known as an entrepreneur who travels, has fun, and doesn’t take the small things in life for granted.

This is a decision I made in the beginning and I suggest you do the same when you are building your brand. The sooner you make these choices I feel the better it is.

Question 2: What’s your mission?

Establishing a mission statement while building your brand early on is a great tactic to speed up success. By having a mission statement, this is something that you can strive for every day.

Having a mission will help you stay on task and focus on the important stuff. Forget the fluff, and work towards the long game, which is inevitably the mission.

Check out a great resource I found here for establishing a mission statement for your brand.

2. Consistency

Consistency is the answer to so many things when it comes to branding. I see entrepreneurs and businesses do a bunch of things wrong. First off, they hit a point where they are doing well, but then they take their foot off the gas pedal. This is the wrong move, please don’t do this.

Secondly when you come across a brand on Facebook you read and see one thing, then you go to their Youtube channel and everything is different. It’s almost like there are two separate companies or a customer you are confused. This is a no-no so make sure your information is consistent across all platforms.

Don’t think that a solid brand can be made overnight, in a few days, or even weeks. Establishing a solid brand takes consistency and it takes being in the right place over and over and over again.

Posting relevant content on a consistent basis creates a form of expectation for customers, followers, and fans. They establish a mini-relationship with your brand and this is what brings loyalty and honesty. If your customers or fans trust your brand, you’re golden. So make sure you are consistent.

3. Test & Experiment

Talking to Marcoux I learned that there really is no magic formula to building a winning brand. What you need to do and all of us need to do is be willing to test and experiment. You need to be willing to try different tactics, tools, and processes until you find one or more that work.

When you find what works, double down on that. This could be that your customers or fans love reading your blog posts but don’t like your videos as much. Ditch the videos and start writing content. Why focus on something that isn’t working?

Do stuff that matters. The stuff that matters is the stuff that’s working. Don’t be afraid of experimenting and being creative.

Don’t forget, though, in order to know what works and what doesn’t you should always be testing. Testing is an important part of experimenting because it’s how you find out what to focus on and what to throw in the garbage.

Now that you have learned a few tactics from Marcoux on how to build a winning brand, I suggest you start taking action. Commit to what you can, but stay consistent. Become a brand and an authority that others look up to and trust. 

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