Learn how Gavriel D and Izzy A Went From Friends to Business Partners, in Their Glimmering Initiative: NYC Luxury!

NYC Luxury is a renowned jewellery boutique in the New York City diamond district, popular mostly for its exclusive collection of watches and jewellery. It is a one-stop destination for celebrities, hip-hop stars and sports personalities- offering high-end jewellery, fashionable yet classy timepieces and diamond-studded pieces of exclusive custom jewellery. The NYC Luxury jewellery idea was by Izzy’s partner Gavriel.

Izzy knew Gavriel since 8th grade but they were not practically friends. Years later when they started working in the same district, Izzy saw him working as a flyer boy “hawk”. A couple of years later, Izzy and Gavriel crossed each other’s path again as they started working literally next door. Being the same age triggered both of them to compete with each other.

Their relationship took a turning point when they sat next to each other, mourning the loss of their beloved mentor. This created a shift in their bond and they became good friends. Soon they found out that they shared a lot in common actually, and both decided to follow their true passions, especially when they had each other covering their backs.

Presently, Izzy A has experience working in the district as a jewellery designer for over 11 years. With each passing day, he has been able to improve his craft to become a famous designer and salesperson. His works have made him a well-known jeweller today in the Diamond District. Actually, since 2017, Izzy only has been responsible for managing the store, as well as dealing with customers. Basically, Izzy A is an all-rounder, overlooking all the daily operations at the NYC Luxury jewellery store.

His custom-made jewellery pieces stood out among the rest, making him a force to be reckoned with in the game. Since 2017, Izzy has been responsible for looking after all daily operations at the NYC Luxury jewellery store.

Over the years, NYC luxury has gained huge success as they prioritize their jewellery quality and customer satisfaction. Therefore, NYC luxury is currently one of the most established jewellery stores in New York City. This is because of both the founders as well as their wonderful team.

NYC Luxury’s policy of honesty, transparency and quality over quantity has paid off in the long run- in fact, they are even planning to expand their brand to other cities! To be a part of the NYC Luxury journey, follow them on:

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/nycluxury/

Website- https://www.nycluxury.com/pages/virtual-appointments

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