Learn How SUPES Gained 2 Million Followers on Social Media

Many crave followers on social media; for some, it’s just for show, others to make more money, but for this 19-year-old, he gained his massive following due to his impact on people. His purpose is to put a smile on his audience in what he does. 

Matt Ramos, popularly known as SUPES, is a pop culture influencer, creating social media content with the purpose of entertaining, informing, and inspiring his viewers. He expresses diverse content ranging from reviews, vlogs, celebrity interviews, unboxings, gaming, live streams, and more. 

SUPES Biography

SUPES is from Miami, Florida. He has grown up loving superheroes and has taken the best qualities each hero possesses, applying them to himself. His love for superheroes inspired him to pursue a life on his terms, making the world a better place, serving people, and putting a smile on their faces.  

SUPES attributes his success to his mother, relationships, upbringing, and his energy. For his mother, it’s her selfless nature that inspired him to live in others’ service. Again, he affirms that his network is his net worth. It’s not about one’s status; it’s about whom you know. He has been able to connect with significant opportunities that have resulted in his success. His energy also makes him stand out as he is continually researching his craft working on diversifying his content.


SUPES has partnered with the world’s biggest brands such as Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros, DC Comics, Hot Topic, and more. He has also collaborated with some of the highest achievers in their industry, such as Justin Baldoni (actor, director, author), Lewis Howes (author, international speaker, entrepreneur), and Brad R Lambert (producer, international speaker).

Having built a massive social media influence of over 2 million followers, he has been verified on some of the biggest platforms, including TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube. The most outstanding achievement that makes him feel whole is putting a smile on one’s face and making someone’s life a little better.

How SUPES Gained 2 Million Followers on Social Media

SUPES has a great attitude and work ethic that makes him stand out from the rest. He has built his influence with the help of his output and a selfless attitude of serving his audience more than benefiting himself. Here are some of his work ethics:

  • Passion for Serving Humanity

SUPES is consistently in pursuit of what he loves. According to him, when your focus is to serve the few people that enjoy your work, the few will unceasingly grow into something massive. It all starts by being in the giving mentality because life will provide when you live to give.

SUPES continuously delivers through his content and relationships. It is also due to his passion that he is constantly researching his craft to diversify his impact. His love for pop culture and serving others makes the whole process intriguing.

  • A Remarkable Success Habit

To be successful, you need to have goals with workable daily plans. It prevents one from raising the question of what next. For SUPES, he creates a schedule and uses a technique. By outlining his day beforehand, he can maximize his productivity. 

SUPES also primes his energy before going about his day. He starts his mornings by listening to music, going over his goals, and getting his body ready for the day. When you energize your body to face your audience, you can efficiently and effectively impact them, thus igniting your audience’s growth. 

  • Amazing distress tips

SUPES distress tips include living in the present moment other than letting his thoughts get filled by adverse outcomes that have not yet happened. He also expresses his stressors to someone who inspires him. For burnouts, he takes time off to do the things that would help him unwind, such as listening to music, journaling, watching a movie. These tips boost his productivity, and he can give the best to his audience. 


SUPES’ primary advice to starters is to have a clear vision of what one wants. According to him, clarity is power, and as you constantly pursue your future, you can claim that power and turn it into motivation in the present. When you know what you want, you will be resilient enough to persevere through obstacles to make your dreams a reality. Follow him on Instagram for more content and tips. 

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