Learning From the Best in the Music Industry

Creative fields like art and music can be very challenging. One always feels the constant pressure of always having to be creative and doing better. Fields like these are based on talent, and people who are on the path to pursue these fields rely on their talent only. This is the very thing they do wrong.

There’s no doubt that talent and potential are incredibly essential if you want to get recognized, but to stay here long term and build a career out of your talent, you have to keep learning. You cannot deny the fact that no matter how skilled you think you are, there will always be someone who’d have more talent than you. Instead of envying that particular person, someone smart would try their best to learn from that person. That’s the most innovative way to survive.

It’s all about the Mindset

To achieve success in not just music but any field requires a winning mindset and a humble attitude. A person who avoids any interaction with higher-ups in the game than themselves has little to no growth scope and eventually is destined to fail. On the other hand, people who stay in the company of others who are more successful than themselves have a higher chance of learning habits of excellence from them.

They say that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. That is very true, and if even three of those five people are highly successful, you would unknowingly adopt habits that your future self would thank you for and lead you to success.

Where to Learn From?

When I say you need to keep learning, I don’t necessarily mean from people. I understand not everyone has the chance of being in the company of someone very successful. You still need to feed your talent, and there are many ways to do that. This article will mention some of the things that may prove helpful in the long run for anyone shooting their shot in the music industry.

  • Online Resources

We live in the era of remarkable digital advancements, and I think it would be safe to say that majority of us do not try to benefit from that. Everything from learning how to play the guitar to learning a new language can be done using the internet. You have to be very dedicated and passionate about that. One can quickly learn more about music and survive and thrive in the music industry using platforms like YouTube, Google, Facebook, etc.

  • Short Courses

Understandably, getting a degree after a certain point in life might be challenging, but that does not mean there are no other opportunities to learn. If you do your research, you will likely find many people who are conducting short courses, classes, and even diplomas for various fields. The fees for such courses are usually not a lot. You need to be willing to invest in yourself before expecting people to invest in you, even if it is.

  • Socialization

It might seem you don’t have anyone who can add any learning value to your life in your immediate circle but trust me when I say that the world is microscopic. There are high chances that you might find someone you can learn a lot from if you socialize, try to talk to people, maintain good relations and reach out.

  • Practice

Most would agree with me when I say that knowledge alone is of very little value unless you try to put it to use. The same is the case with music. No matter how much you learn, you still need to go back home and practice to make your craft better.


The bottom line is that nothing worth having comes easy. You have to work hard and keep hustling. Learning should always go on. Another very convenient way to learn is from Mark Gillespie. It doesn’t matter where you learn from; what ultimately matters is your effort.


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