Learning is a Lifelong Process – Dr. Eli Joseph

There is nothing more satisfying than the ongoing adventure that is learning. Learning should never stop, and as we accomplish more in life, it should give us the yearning to learn even more. Whether through knowledge or self-discovery, committing ourselves to the process of learning provides us with the capability to serve at a higher level. Dr. Eli Joseph is a fervent supporter of education, and here he explains why learning should be a lifelong process.

Born and raised in New York, Dr. Eli Joseph is a man of many talents. A faculty member of Columbia University and Queens College, partner at ExamOne, real-estate investor, and first Doctor of Business Administration from Felician University, Dr. Eli Joseph believes that education is the key to success. He explains, “Whether in the traditional sense through classroom learning, or by our own study, learning is the key to personal and professional growth.”

The world is constantly changing, and to thrive, we must change with it. “We can’t stay stuck in our ways or sit on the laurels of current success,” states Dr. Joseph. “Lifelong learning ensures we have the skills and knowledge to meet the demands of an ever-changing world.” Believing that there is always an opportunity for change and growth, Dr. Joseph shares his expert advice through TEDx talks and digital media.

H​aving received his bachelor’s at 20, master’s at 21, and doctorate at 24, Dr. Eli Joseph is passionate about taking his quest for more beyond the campus. “The best thing the internet has given us is the ability to find what we are looking for at the click of a button,” says Dr. Joseph. “There are countless universities, professors, organizations, and other experts offering their expertise for free. All it takes is discipline and motivation.”

D​r. Eli Joseph firmly believes our circumstances do not limit our capacity to learn. “Knowledge is power, and everyone deserves access to it,” states Dr. Joseph. “We simply have to keep working hard to remove barriers in the digital age.” Believing that education has the power to serve and elevate communities, Dr. Eli Joseph stays focused on providing it to those who need it the most.

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