Angel Sanchez with his first English original “Leave Me Here” is making stars burn brighter than ever. This young man’s burning passion makes brows raise as he gives a heartfelt lyrical ballad. His killer voice just makes your heart melt and smoother with emotions.

This California-based artist’s journey started as he got his guitar for the first time when he was 8 years old. Some people know what they want to do early in life and hold onto that dream into their adult years. If they’re passionate, talented, and hardworking, they’re able to make that dream into a career. Artist Angel Sanchez, being one of them, curated it within him for almost 9 years, while he was into sports. He reconnected with music when he was 17 years old.

Angel shares, “My inspiration to be an artist came stronger when I joined my high school choir. It just felt right and I knew I wanted this for the rest of my life. I never struggled to learn guitar, it came almost natural to me, like it was meant to happen someday. It was then I understood that music is within me, in all the corners of my veins. I wasn’t the best singer at first but people would tell me I have a lovely voice.”

His dedication and timeless practice to music made him better than ever. He began the ukulele and piano, that’s when he started doing covers and sharing them online. A true artist in creation. As the diamond was being polished, his talent started catching the eyes of many music connoisseurs, it was then, he started performing everywhere, making him what he is now.

Every artist has his source of inspiration and aspirations, coming from a direction. He gets his inspiration from the worldly emotions around him and sings it out for the world through his music. Angel says, “I’m truly blessed to have a medium through which I can help people reflect on their actions and make better choices. The creative process of getting new ideas, making a song, and then showing it to my audience is really rewarding cause I can see the result of my hard work and passion when people tap their feet while they listen to me. This is my true inspiration”

His newly released single, ‘Leave Me Here’ takes you to a whole new level of self-introspection and different stages a relationship goes through – one that you feel when a loved one departs from your life. A romantic reminder of some soul-stirring emotions and how one is sensitive deep inside with the struggles of being loved. The audience’s response to his song makes you feel a sense of mutual empathy making it closer to one’s heart like a love anthem.

What sets him apart is that his songs are more awaited in both the English pop and Spanish market, making him even more appealing. He is right now preparing himself to release great music and go on a musical world tour.

To engage and stay connected with him, check out his website and Instagram.