Leeza Bindra: Leading Lady Of The Film Industry

Be it doing shows for ZeeTV, judging shows for colours TV and working with jewellery brands, this fashion diva has done it all. Sarabjeet Kaur Bindra is known as Leeza Bindra by most of her audience. She was born and brought up in Mumbai. After having spent a few years in Abu Dhabi, she came back to Delhi to complete her schooling at Saint Michael School. Since she was a child, she has dominated fashion events with her incredible modelling skills and ramp walks.

Her elegance and elegant stride were praised by the school principal, instructors, and children alike. She not only took part in ramp walks, but she was also a formidable competitor in sports. She was discovered in most of the events due to her many capabilities and used to constantly grab the show’s spotlight, which she continues to do.

She subsequently went on to Oxford City in Mumbai to complete her graduation. Her voguish and modish dressed style, chatting, and ramp walks made her the centre of attention once more. She participated in and won awards in all of her college’s competitions, whether intra-college or inter-college. She received several offers from numerous agencies as a result of her tremendous hard work and love for modelling, but she wanted to finish her studies first.

Her official journey of becoming an icon started after college. After college, she landed a major role with Sonytv, working alongside Ruslaan Mumtaz Khan as an actor and Ash King as a vocalist. She was the album’s lead star. It was all due to her tenacious work ethic, dedication, and faith. Her initial piece was well-received all around the country.

She became a huge celebrity, and her name, Leeza Bindra, began to appear in college magazines and official social media accounts and newspapers. It was a moment full of extreme happiness and ushered in a series of moments like these in her life. However, they weren’t devoid of hard work as well as struggles like any other star.

Leeza also went on to work in multiple Punjabi movies with Daler Mehendi and multiple others, judged a few reality shows on Colors TV, worked for various shows of Zee Tv with sir Salman Yusuf Khan along with many others. Leeza accomplished all of it because of her strength and her belief in the power of God.

Not only that, she has also collaborated with several jewellery manufacturers, including Joyalukkas, Lifestyle Jewelry, Coronet, CCC Shoes Bags, and Unikal, to name a few.

Leeza paved her own route to fame, rising from the ranks of a commoner to a celebrity today. She rose and continues to rise as a result of her industrious and busy intellect. She has a large following in India and abroad, including Dubai. She now has industry pals and is also followed by Her Highness the Empress of Dubai.

Also, she received birthday greetings from celebrities like B Praak, Guru Randhawa, Govinda, and others. It was, without a doubt, one of her most memorable birthdays. Leeza is a youth icon, and her work is magnified by the numerous shows she appears on.

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