Legislature Candidate Benjamin Geller Wants to Take Passion for Public Service on a Bigger Scale

Backed by his slogan, “The People’s Voice,” Benjamin Geller is ready to take his passion for public service to the next level by running for Dutchess County Legislature in New York in the 4th district this coming election.

Benjamin Geller is a man of many trades. He is currently working as an emergency medical technician for an advanced life support agency and for Dutchess County, assisting the vaccine site operations for battling COVID-19. Benjamin also does clinic work in West Africa. Besides his medical career, he also operates a bakery called Benji’s Bakery. Despite his multiple pursuits, they are all rooted in one primary reason: his profound love for serving others.

“I was asked to run by the leadership here in New York. Given my public service background and humanitarian work, I know what the needs are of the people I seek to represent in New York,” said Benjamin Geller.

“New Yorkers work hard. They are passionate; they are tough. They deserve to have their taxes lowered, have elected officials who have their best interests at heart and officials who have a vision of the future. The mental health crisis in America is running rampant, and I want to join in the fight to combat that as well,” he added.

Benjamin Geller is driven by his desire to establish a dynamic communication between politicians and the general public. He believes that the government is in need of transparent, approachable, and accessible servants who will genuinely listen to their needs.

However, he does not consider himself as a politician but a true public servant with the best interests of the people at heart. Benjamin aims to open conversations and become the voice of the voiceless. He seeks to spark a revolution that would wake the United States and encourage every American to contribute towards healing the nation. 

Furthermore, Benjamin Geller stresses the value of unifying Americans, regardless of their political stance. “This country is divided and is suffering greatly. No matter what party you choose to represent, we are all Americans, and it’s time we rebuild our country, starting by caring about the people we are elected to serve,” said the legislator candidate. “Despite the party you align yourself with, you are an American. ‘United we stand’ is more important than ever,” he added.

Benjamin Geller has devoted the majority of his life to public service and for him, running for office means he can do what he is most passionate about on a larger scale. He wants to use his strengths to create a lasting impact.

Benjamin shared that he was motivated by a wise physician he traveled to Africa with who said, “We were meant to live extraordinary lives.” But instead of focusing on obtaining success for himself alone, Benjamin wants progress to be as inclusive as possible, uplifting every American along with him in his journey.

“It would not surprise me if the opportunity came to run for Congress in 2026. No matter what I will be doing, I will be serving the people of New York with great honor,” Benjamin Geller said with confidence.

To learn more about Benjamin Geller, visit his website.

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