Lego and Novo Nordisk Board Member Announces Move to Wellness Company Bellabeat

If you’ve been hearing about a company called Bellabeat and what they’ve been doing in the wellness sector, then you likely have questions about what the company is about and what exactly they do. Well, Bellabeat is an American data-driven wellness firm that uses customer data to create custom wellness programs for its users. So how do they differ from every other wellness company on the market?

They, unlike many others, factor in their customer’s menstrual cycle when designing their programs and ensure that the program works around their needs and not the other way around. The company has 50,000 data points per customer and this is used for the curation of their plans.

The company is also dedicated to fighting the currency wellness gap that exists between men and women. The wellness gap manifests in women being underrepresented when it comes to receiving care despite providing a disproportionate amount of care to others. At the current rate of social progress, it is estimated that it will take 300 years for the gap to be closed. Bellabeat, however, wants to close this gap earlier and is leveraging technology and data to do so.

All About Jeppe Christiansen 

The company recently shared some exciting news as they have welcomed a new board member. The member in question is Jeppe Christiansen, an economist and investment expert. The official announcement shed some light on both his education and professional background.

Christiansen graduated with a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Copenhagen and has worked for decades in the financial and investment sector. He currently serves as the CEO of Maj Invest, which is an asset management company based in Copenhagen which he helped found in 2004. Besides this role as CEO, he also sits on the board of a number of prominent companies in different fields.

He is the vice-chair of Novo Nordisk, a position for which he was recently re-elected. Novo Nordisk is a multinational pharmaceutical company based in Denmark with offices in five countries. The company also has production facilities in eight countries and reported revenue of $19.2 billion. Furthermore, he is a board member at KIRKBI, which is the parent company of the Lego Group. The Lego Group is famous for being one of the biggest toy manufacturers in the world with 42 offices and over 18,000 employees.

Having worked in both economics and investment since 1986, Christiansen provides both the educational qualifications and the expertise to his new role.

Technology Brings a Paradigm Shift to Women’s Wellness

The wellness industry is certainly a large and lucrative one and has been evolving over the last few years. One of the biggest changes that have taken place is a shift from mass-produced and impersonal products and services to ones that are tailored with specific consumers in mind.

Take mental health services, for example. In the past, it was standard that people were instructed to go to therapy or practice meditation. Now, as the industry matures, it is much more apparent that people’s needs are dependent on many factors and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach that will truly be effective for many people.

Thus, mental health services are becoming more specific, with programs being tailored for people based on background, income, life experiences, and so on. The wellness industry as a whole is embracing this but few are doing this quite like Bellabeat.

The company is big on data and everything that comes from the firm is created with data points in mind. The programs created take the user’s menstrual cycle into account and this consideration has helped the company record great success. As per their website, they help users achieve 3 million goals daily and have started 1.6 million programs thus far.

All these are made possible through the power of technology which is being used to push the shift for women’s health. Thanks to innovative technology, women around the world are able to build communities around various health issues and their data is being used to create products and services that benefit them immensely.

Incidents like the Cambridge Analytica scandal showed how technology and data can be misused to harm and exploit users. This new movement within the wellness industry shows, in contrast, how much good can be done with technology. For example, Bellabeat is helping to combat period stigma by openly discussing menstrual cycles and the effect it can have on wellness.

With all the changes going on with Bellabeat and the industry at large, we can expect that greater inclusion and ethical use of data will become the norm moving forward. This means that more women will have access to the tools they need to live their best and healthiest lives.

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