Lele Pons, Influential Personality Who Highlighted the Health and Social Issues

Discover how Lele Pons has built a massive following for herself through social media.

Lele pons was born in 1996 in Caracas, Venezeula. She is a famous YouTuber, actress, internet celebrity, and singer. Lele started her career on a renowned video platform called Vine. This platform provided her an opportunity to expose her mental creativity. Lele is a social media celebrity and influencer who has performed in films, television, and in different music videos.

In 2016, Lele released her album of music and also published a novel in that year.

YouTube also highlighted the personal life of Lele Pons in the docu-series The Secret Life of Lele Pons. Lele also hosts a podcast, Best Kept Secrets with Lele Pons. Shots Studios produces the podcast, and exclusively Spotify distributes it.

What is Lele Pons Best Known For? 

Lele Pons is best known because she became the first Viner lady who collected one billion loops, then this figure moved to 8 billion in total. Then she started to work on YouTube to get more and more fame. Her channel collected 17 million subscribers. Lele released her first song Dicen in 2018, which gained more fame on the Amigos web series.

Other important things that make her a famous personality are her humor and glamour on her face. In 2016, she met with first lady Michelle Obama. Time magazine released a list of the 30 most influential people on the internet in 2016, and Lele was one of them. Google Maps, Google search, Target, and Snickers have signed a contract with Pons.

Pons has acquired acknowledgment for her mind-blowing creativity and success as one of this current age’s driving worldwide performers. Pons has published his book Surviving High School which makes her more famous. She also remained as a brand ambassador for CoverGirl.

How Did Lele Pons Become an Influencer?

Lele Pons is the most popular teenage Viner in the whole world. Time Magazine tags her as the most influential teenager on the internet. When the Vine was taken offline, most celebrities lost their fame, but Pons started to upload videos on her YouTube channel. Pons believes in consistency and hardworking. Despite the Vine offline, Lele remained consistent in her work, posted videos on YouTube, and provided her fans with content without an interval.

When Vine gave a big break which is very important for Pons, during this break period, she not only post videos but also published her book Surviving High School. In this book, Pons mentioned the incident when she was harassed.

Lele Pons Highlighted the Mental Issues through Her Social Influence

A few years ago, Lele Pons revealed the mental issues which she faced. During her initial music career, she was struggling with a syndrome called Tourette Syndrome and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. “I was fighting with OCD, Tourette syndrome, and many other mental disorders since I was at the initial stage of her career,” Lele says. Per Pons, “I made my biography and highlighted all the health and social issues I faced. I hope that this biography helps all those who are the victim of all these issues”.

According to Daniels,

We are trying to find the impressive creator with a strong voice to tell the biographical story of Lele Pons. This story is very helpful in this lockdown situation. People become able to deal with the mental problems by seeing this story.

Shots Studios always focuses on creating amazing docu-series of Lele Pons, which shed light on different issues and help the people. Last year Lele signed a deal with Spotify for the reality podcast exploring pop culture, various social problems, and personal life stories.

Where to start following Lele Pons Online?

As a fan, there are different social media platforms where you can follow her.

  • Twitter account: @lelepons
  • Instagram account: @lelepons
  • Facebook account: Lele Pons
  • Official Website:

Final Thoughts on Lele Pons

In the end, all the above discussion reveals that at an early age, Lele Pons impressed the entire world. Through her creativity, she is trying to help all the people by releasing different YouTube series. Lele wants to awareness of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and many other social issues that she has suffered already. She is not only a good entertainer but also has a passion for serving the people.

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