Lesiba Mothupi: The Business Trade Mark

The world today is filled with millions of success stories of people related to business and entrepreneurship. Not only grown-ups, also the youngsters are seen struggling hard and leaving behind famous business icons. Their success stories give a new light of positivity to the whole world and motivate others to struggle for a successful life like them. 

Lesiba Mothupi

Lesiba Mothupi is one such young man of 23 years age. Nowadays, every news channel, every newspaper, and talk shows are talking about him and his successful career. He has set a real life example for the people dreaming for a better life. He has proven with his life that the dreams can come true if you get the courage to make decisions on your own, whether right or wrong. 

His Early Life

He belongs to South Africa. He was born in 1997 in a small town of South Africa called Polokwane. Mothupi was the second in his 3 siblings. His family had a tough time. He also lived in a garage with his mother and siblings. After facing the hardships of life and facing lots of challenges of society in his childhood, Lesiba dreamed to have a different future. 

He desired to turn his life upside down. At the age of 14, Mothupi decided to support his family and started a small business of selling chips and sweets with his friend. Mothupi liked skateboarding and had one but he started selling its parts to run his small business. 

Time kept passing and life got more miserable for him. He was dropped out from his college and was surrounded with lots of negativities of the society like robbery and alcohol. 

The Turning Point

At the worst time of his life, when Mothupi lost his best friend, he got addicted to alcohol and weed. He got so indulged in it that he started selling weeds. His family helped him and soon he was out of this condition. 

This proved to be the turning point of his life. Lesiba Mothupi did not waste much time of his life and realized at a very young age that these challenges and hardships are a part of life and they are there to teach him how to become strong. He wanted to turn the darkness of his life into a bright day and he knew that it was not possible without a strong will. 

He was strong and determined to pendown success for his life and he desired to shine like the brightest star of the sky. 

Start of the Real Struggle

He was 19 years old when he decided to start a business of forex trading. The startup was drasting and he ended up with a debt of 100K. Mothupi did not lose hope and kept struggling in the same field. 

As a result, he made his first billion when he was 22 years old. He made the second billion at the age of 23 and paid off all the debts. 

Finally, he became a multi millionaire entrepreneur and a YouTuber with a big fan following. 

Achievements of Mothupi 

Today, he owns his own trading institution Forex Chasers. In this institution, Mothuopi along with his determined team provide education and training to the people and help them become successful entrepreneurs. Mothupi talks about his institution and says, 

“Our goal at Forex Chasers is not to teach people on how to make money, but to educate them on a skill that helps us stay consistent on our profit returns. Once you’ve got the skill, the money will follow.”

Mothupi has recently become an owner of Mercedes Benz A45 and his life is free from debts.

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