A Lesson on Falling in Love with Artist/Photographer Vivienne Gucwa

How deeply do you believe in creativity? Would you describe this passion as love?

When you’re hooked, you’re hooked for life. You’re obsessed. A little crazy. Mad.

And that’s the kind of relationship you and creativity were meant to have.

When you fall in love with your unique brand of creativity, strange things happen because love in action is the ultimate proof of the depth of our beliefs. Love is often theoretical until there is no longer time or energy for theories. That’s when your lens is in clear focus.

So, fall in love with creativity. Love drives us to make great sacrifices. To grind your sparks and spark your grind, fall in love.

I recently came across an individual who perfectly embodies this philosophy through my new video series and book, The Spark And The Grind. This person embodies the inspiration that goes into creating an idea and then the work it takes to make that idea a reality.

Here’s what she had to say about her love affair.

Vivienne Gucwa’s Passion for Photography

Vivienne Gucwa is a full-time artist and photographer in New York City who has made herself successful through hard, passionate work. She has dedicated her life to photographing the world in a beautiful, meaningful way.

“I would say that I first super fell in love with photography during the very first blizzard that I photographed which was the winter of 2009-10. There was this amazing blizzard and I took my little broken point-and-shoot to Central Park, and I spent about four hours just trudging around in the snow with probably the worst snow gear imaginable. I was having the time of my life, but the moment when I realized that this was something more than just me taking photos was when I went home. When I started editing and kind of going through the photos and losing myself in that moment of creativity.”

“Things didn’t happen overnight in terms of making it a full-time career. I think what it came down to was being disciplined enough to get in that flow and to continually work on the craft that I was falling in love with. If I had not been going out all of the time and trying to figure out how to take photos, I would’ve never gotten to the point where I could make that into a wonderful sort of amazing grind.”

When you learn to trust the creative process, attach yourself to your work, keep your day job, embrace a routine, defamiliarize the ordinary, and stay foolish, creativity becomes a love affair. And when you’re hooked, you’re hooked for life.


This article is the fifth in a series that focuses on the core principles of The Spark and the Grind and the individuals who embody them. Check back here for more articles in the series and connect with me across social media @ErikWahl.

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