Let Jasir Jilani Help You Leverage Your Home For Residual Income

When people think about investing, they often think about stocks. Jasir Jilani is certainly no stranger to the stock market, as his online program & community Investor’s Club dedicates much of itself to stock and foreign exchange trading.

He is a twelve-year veteran of the market, from the time he traded penny stocks as a freshman in college. However, soon he found that real estate was a key investment in his financial wellbeing, perhaps more so than all other variants of investing. He discovered that if you want to ditch the 9 to 5, it may be the opportune path to focus your wealth into.

Jilani bought his first house when he was 24. He did this by utilizing and leveraging FHA loans. The Federal Housing Administration lends these mortgages as a form of federal assistance, and anyone out of college with a job in their field can be approved for a house with only around 3.5 percent down using these loans.

Jilani bought a house for his parents as well as multiple properties in the Albany area, and began to rent them out for profit. All this took was some residual income at the advent of his 20s. A large part of his strategy was through investing in distressed areas, as he was able to receive properties for cheap, and avoid sizable loans.

The rent you receive can go a tremendous length towards financial safety. If you are making a thousand dollars per property per month and have three properties, that extra money can add up to a full salary over a year, on top of wherever you are employed at the time. If something were to happen to you or if you no longer could work, you suddenly have this huge parachute that can catch you if things go south.

Making money off these ventures has also gotten even more lucrative, thanks to applications such as AirBNB. Now it is simple to receive money for the properties you own; rather than finding a renter, filling out the paperwork, and dealing with the move-in process, you can rent out your property in short bursts with just a few taps on your smartphone. As the COVID pandemic reaches its hopeful conclusion, AirBNB has seen more and more business, turning this into a viable alternative as we continue through the year.

AirBNB has become a competitive marketspace- one that requires meticulous guidance in design and maintenance, both of which Jilani can assist with from start to finish.


Jilani doesn’t dissuade you from other avenues of investing, by any means- he offers a gamut of passive investing programs that utilize Google Adsense, Home Remodeling On a Budget, and Blogging Income among others. He is an avid trader and investor in the stock market, and encourages you to become one as well.

The foreign exchange market has been booming as of late, and stocks are due for an uptick as well. However, with how simple it may be to acquire properties with a variety of different loan options, and how serious the returns can be in the long run, it is something that can yield long term financial security better than many other investment avenues. After Jilani’s wife dipped into real estate, she was able to flip the property she bought in just one thousand days for exponential returns; real estate doesn’t have to be a grueling, decades-long process like you may think.

If you’re uncertain where to start, Jasir Jilani is dedicated to assisting anyone with their financial wellbeing. His Real Estate programs, ranging from 1:1 Courses to full fledged renovations & rental income streams, all offered at InvestingBasics101.com, covers everything from the stock market to real estate investing. He and his team can divulge more information to help you overcome that anxiety and start putting money towards the future today.

To access a free trial to try the stock call outs, visit www.discord.gg/4RA6TBP4Cb and to learn more visit www.investingbasics101.com.

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