How to Leverage Great Content to Explode Your Bottom Line

The days of boring spun content getting thousands of shares are over. ‘Content is king’ has been a saying for a while, but with the most reason Google algorithm changes, it is finally true. This has changed the world of online marketing forever as publishing content on websites with tons of paid links isn’t as effective as it was in the past.

Yet simply creating incredible content without promoting it is a waste of time. Getting that content the most exposure possible is paramount. The following are some ways to help leverage this incredible content to achieve that goal. 

Engage with Followers Who Have Questions or Comments

Reader interaction is a great way to encourage visitors to share content. Ignoring comments on a blog or article can discourage visitors from sharing and can discourage them from visiting the site ever again. Obviously, to be a successful blogger, or to have a successful company blog, it is important to share content on as many social media platforms as possible. Answering questions and comments on articles is a proven way to become a thought leader.

Put It into the Hands of an Influencer

Companies use influencer marketing more and more every day. When someone known in a niche is paid or convinced to team up with a brand and share reviews or content about that brand, that’s influencer marketing. This is extremely effective, as many of these influencers have quite a bit of clout in their industry. The more people that follow these people on social media or read their blog daily, the more powerful the influencer’s reach. Think celebrity endorsements or paid tweets, but the influencer is actually related to or has an impact on the industry they are posting about, and they need not be a celebrity in the traditional sense. 

Make the Content Evergreen

Some of the best content can be used as guides for years to come as long as people continue to find it useful. For instance, those who have no idea where to start when beginning their blogging career can use this very guide for years to come. What’s more, many of these types of guides can be updated as hosting solutions, search engines or other tools might fall out of favor. Nothing can make a blog more popular than it having great content that is promoted as an educational resource in a niche. Make sure the domain name the company purchased is brandable as traffic tends to get lost when the company URL doesn’t match up to the name.

Leverage Social Media

Anyone who owns a successful blog understands how incredible social media can be at spreading the word about a great piece of content. Reach out to important people in your industry or niche and let them know you have great content. Those with thousands of followers can gain you quite a few readers simply by tweeting the article out or even interacting with you via social media. Hashtagging correctly will also help your content be categorized so you can reach your target.

As you can see, creating great content is just the first step of the content lifecycle. Be proactive when you believe you have a great piece of content. One piece going viral can change a life forever.

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