How to Leverage Your Youth Success Journey

Do you think that becoming successful has a lot to do with years and years of experience?

Most will answer “No!”, at least in this modern world. But what actually makes someone successful even when they are very young? Luckily for me, I have met many entrepreneurs who became successful at a very young age. Success has come to them after a lot of persistence, at least for their first ‘win,’ as they call it. But most admitted that the one thing which actually helped them thrive was gaining credibility in the world of entrepreneurship.

Kieran Mathew, a Youth Marketing Leader whose story has been covered by Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, etc., says, “It is key to understand what you excel at! When you are 21, you won’t try and launch a capital management company or a private equity venture—you need more experience. But you can take time to understand what drives you and your peers to make purchases. Through learning what enabled brands to build influence in this youth segment, I was able to assist marketing teams that were just slightly too far removed from this demographic to cater and sell. This is what I was good at, early work validated the market need, so I built a brand around it.”

“It is key to understand what drives you so that you can build a brand around it.”

Knowing what you excel at and building a brand around it is an amazing way to start gaining credibility. Achieving great results and getting press to those results gives you great credibility as well.

Josue Arteaga, an 18-year old who manages full-scale projects for his millionaire clients says that the most important thing which helped him gain credibility is getting results, but not just that, he also adds, “One of my launches is projected to make $20k – $50k. $100k plus total when affiliates join. Where most people make a mistake is that they leave it at that. You need to get press on that result and put it out there on publications. That differentiates you from the rest of the competition. Leads think, “Wow!, this guy was so good, not only did he make a lot of money, he also got featured on Inc. Magazine for it!” People want to hang out with a winner”.

“Achieving great results, plus getting featured for those results in publications  is a great way to gain credibility when you are young.”

Working with great brands also adds to the credibility factor.

Daniel Wallock is a Marketing Strategist who achieved great results at a very young age. He says that working with great brands like BMW i Ventures and The American Heart Association and helping them get results gave him a lot of credibility in the entrepreneurial world. He says, “A while back, I used cold email to generate $726,000 worth of leads for a client in 25 days and I spent less than $300 to do this. A writer at Forbes picked this result up and wrote an article about exactly how I did it. That helped me build a crazy amount of credibility because I literally am showing people in the case study how I do what I do.”

“Working with top brands and helping them achieve results is an amazing way to gain credibility” 

Gaining credibility and knowing how to get it is vital in becoming successful at a very young age. This helps you grow faster as other leaders in your industry will notice you and get associated with you. It even helps while closing new clients and gaining new opportunities.

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