Leyi (Ruby) Yang: Art Serves as a Medium Where I Can Express My Deepest Thoughts and Emotions

Art is a visceral medium that can express a hundred different emotions all at once, and visual art is no exception. While most of us have paintings in our homes or have gone to an art museum once or twice, we don’t engage with this type of creativity that much. Leyi (Ruby) Yang is an up-and-coming painter, and she wants to bring more attention to the field.

Leyi (Ruby) Yang’s most notable works are her paintings. She uses large canvases with vibrant colors and enjoys incorporating words into her work. Her pieces may seem chaotic at times, but that’s precisely what she’s aiming for. “Art serves as a medium where I can express my deepest thoughts and emotions,” Yang says. “I’m a relatively quiet person, so I’m able to basically scream out what is in my heart on the canvas.” She’s inspired by Nihilism and concrete poems, especially surrounding the subjects of emptiness and meaninglessness. Although the colors and shapes in her paintings evoke childhood, her skill implies talent beyond her age. “I want to challenge people’s trust issues. I tackle my confessions in my work, but they’re really universal confessions, things that many people go through. I want my viewers to have a visceral reaction to my paintings.”

Yang gained her BFA from the School of Art Institute in Chicago and her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. She’s passionate about displaying her art in galleries. “That’s where it’s meant to be seen. It creates a more intense reaction in person.” She’s participated in many exhibitions in Chicago and throughout California and hopes to expand her reach post-pandemic. “I lost my studio when COVID-19 hit. I’m chomping at the bit to get back out there. Although it’s challenging, I’m still making art at home, using unexpected mediums like food.” She dreams of becoming a professional artist with a team. “I have pieces I can only create with help. Plus, it would be nice to be financially secure so that I can focus on my art.”

Even if you’re not an art connoisseur, you can learn something from Leyi (Ruby) Yang’s paintings. You might even uncover feelings in yourself that you didn’t know you had.

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