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Liam Donafee: The Actor who Blew up on Tiktok Overnight

Liam moved to Los Angeles, California shortly after attending IMTA to pursue his acting career. He has accumulated a huge YouTube presence with his channel, Liam’s Lunchbox. The channel was started with the intention of making healthy recipes to share with its viewers, but the content quickly changed.

Gordan Ramsay is a huge fan of Liam who has garnished 3.7 million on Tiktok overnight. Itʼs amazing to see someone do this with no help from an agency or PR company. Liam is an Aries and his aggression and passion towards his work always shine through.

As an entertainer, foodie and cook, he is always coming up with new ways to intrigue his audience by performing comedic surreal recipes that almost feel dream-like, public social experiments, mouthwash challenges, cooking steak in the dishwasher, spaghetti-o jello bundt cakes and covering himself in pasta sauce.

“This channel is where I express my love for food,” he states. “I film myself vlogging around LA trying restaurants, doing junk food reviews, making recipes, and many more food-related videos!” Liam sees YouTube as far more than just a way to express his love for food, it is also a way to market himself.

Liam has been working on a lot more than just his YouTube channel over the past several months. “I have been working on bettering myself as a person along with growing as an actor,” he said. “I have realized acting has changed my whole mindset and has made me a better person.” Being the best version of yourself will help you succeed in any career you choose, including acting.

Liam is well on his way to having!

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