Liam James Collins Shares How He Went Through Multiple Careers to Find the Right One

For many entrepreneurs finding their passion or the right business idea often comes after a series of failed attempts and a realization that they can do much more.

For Liam James Collins, co-founder of The Coaching Masters, this was precisely what happened, having found himself in a series of jobs and entrepreneurial pursuits – that ultimately guided him to become the successful entrepreneur and life coach he is today.

From surfer to professional wrestler

Liam first began his entrepreneurial journey at age of 17 when he discovered his undying thirst to travel the world. He spent the summer in Portugal away from his family for the first time, surfing, drinking and telling stories around the campfire.

From Portugal, Liam went to Bali, Indonesia. “Bali in 2008 was an interesting place. It’s not what people know it for today. In 2008, if you didn’t surf, there wasn’t much reason to go to Bali. It was all dirt roads and perfect waves. I spent a long time in Bali, surfing and imagining what his life would be like if I just did this forever. I could see myself setting up a little surf shack on the beach,” shared Liam.

However, Liam left Bali and returned to England to become a Professional Wrestler.

“I enjoyed bodybuilding at the time and had an unlimited supply of self-belief. So even though I was tiny for a pro wrestler, I still believed that I could become the best pro wrestler in history.”

Liam decided to create his wrestling school, which he called The British Wrestling Evolution (BWE).

Trying his skills as an actor

For many entrepreneurs, it may be good to try on different hats to find the one that fits. It may mean switching careers after many years or selling a business and moving on to something else. Liam did the same when he moved on from pro wrestling to become an actor. “I never once acted a day in my life, nor did I know anyone who was an actor. 

But at 19 years old, I walked down to the local amateur theatre and asked to audition for one of their upcoming plays,” recounted Liam. 

He moved back to London and spent three years at Drama School and quickly became a professional actor. 

“One of my biggest opportunities as an actor came when I was offered the opportunity to body double for Tom Hardy as Bane in the Hollywood movie Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. In this film, Liam spent time with acting royalty such Tom, Hardy, Michael Cain, Morgan Freeman, Christian Bale, Ann Hathaway.”

Liam acted on the London Stage and also got many significant roles in TV and Film.

Working as a Mailman

After a short time at the top, Liam’s acting career came crashing down around him. His agent stopped calling, the auditions stopped coming, and Liam was struggling to find work. To continue paying the rent, he took a job as a mailman. This was supposed to be a temporary gig for Liam, but eventually, three years passed, and he realized that he was a full-time mailman.

He eventually quit this job and decided to start his training to become a life coach. 

Co-Founder of multiple 7-Figure coaching academy, The Coaching Masters

Gradually he grew a successful one to one coaching business. He went from less than $800 in his bank to generating six figures as a compelling and confident life coach. The Coaching Masters has now become a multiple 7-figure online coaching academy generating over $200,000 per month and $1.8M per year in online course sales.

Liam’s journey (which you can follow on Instagram here), shows that we do not need a straight line to the exact career path we will take to become successful.


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