Life of a Young Budding Music Producer Jasraj Lailna is Full of Passion and Dedication

Music is such a big part of our life and while we all hear songs and enjoy them. One of the main reasons for our liking any particular song is its music. It is the soul of any song which makes it memorable to us and sticks in our mind. we may not remember the lyrics of the songs but we always remember its music. Today we will introduce you to one such rising star of the music industry Jasraj Lailna who is one of the youngest and most popular music producers today.

Born and brought up in Brampton, Ontario. This young music artist is a Master in Music Production, Mixing/Mastering, and is a musician. He has perfected playing multiple musical instruments. Jasraj Lailna has done a lot of great work at such a young age and has given music to some of the most popular songs of current superhits.

He has played Dhol in Diamond – Gurnam Bhullar, Scratch – Karan Aujla/Deep Jandu/Gurlej Akhtar. etc.  Other than that he has also played Algoje In Songs – Record Harf Cheema, Gabru – Gur Sidhu.  He has been giving great hits with superstar artists and always being a part of the great hit numbers of the music chart. His previous works include 6 Foot Jatt with Sidhu Moose Wala, Jhoomar with Gurman Birdi & other 35 hit Songs in the music industry.

Jasraj Lailna is one of the most talented music producers of the current time and he has just started his journey yet. Even in just a short term, he has won the hearts of millions of people with his work as an artist. He seems to have big plans for his future as his upcoming songs are with Surjit Khan, Nirvair Pannu, Nawab, Gurshabad & Gurpreet Maan, and other top artists of the music industry.

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